Friday, March 09, 2007

Off the ball, in too many ways

My colleague sent the office a link to her favourite website this morning. Help Feed The Hungry…yes yes, there’s a whole bunch of us bleeding-heart do-gooders clogging up this office block. The atmosphere can be painfully like karma-ass-kissing-sweet syrup in here sometimes. Ah well, it helps me rationalise my after-hours reprobate behaviour.

I think I have crossed over the site before. And it has always puzzled me- this concept. Perhaps you, my delightfully clever blog visitors, can offer some insight.

It is one of those sites where you click on a button, and some corporate sponsor gives one extra meal to a starving child somewhere.

I always have to ask – why not just give the kid a meal that day anyway? Why does it require my access to a computer & the internet for some top notch honcho to release these charitable funds? Obviously the corporation already has the money ready at hand, & has budgeted for it, in case a troop of internetters stampede that site all on one particular day. So why be tight-fisted about the whole affair, just hand over all that you are willing to!

Or am I missing something?

I am not on the ball this morning. Too many disturbed dreams. And definitely not in a delightful kinky way. So that is all I have to ask & reflect on.

Tomorrow is marching day!! So get your ENOUGH WITH CRIME banners, loud screeching voices, and fists ready. My attendance is dependent on my ability to have an early night tonight, and drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning. Today’s attempt very nearly failed.

Sad, isn’t it…

My show of support for anti-crime initiatives might all depend on whether I can say “no” to that one last post-work drink this evening. And if I don’t find someone to, well, rechannel my womanly frustration towards.

South Africans are not an apathetic bunch. We just like our sleep.

Meanwhile, top of the news today is that some darling honeys released their SA film today. BUNNY CHOW. Go and watch it. Not in a sign of SA support, but because, knowing these hooligans, it is sure to cause many a laugh.

If it doesn’t, they owe you a drink.

Don’t mention my name though, should you have to claim it. Or expect them to know what you are going on about.

Happy Friday & Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Champs there could be on of two things. Maybe by clicking on the link the company is hoping that you see either them or advertisement they sold (ala google) or more likely with these type of things, they harvest your information. You would be surprised by how much one can get by simply going to a web site.

lordwiggly said...

Nobody gives sumpthin' for nuthin'. Last oke to do that was the Good Samaritan, and he got stoned by all the Bad Samaritans the next day.

lordwiggly said...

BTW are you still horny?

Anonymous said...

Yep. the corporates may have the money, but to able to justify giving it away (to shareholders) they must get something for it - in this case either publicity or information as GP says.

BTW - all good to support anti-crime initiatives, but I can't say I like the name - "Victims". We can all think of ourselves as victims of something, but we should be thinking of ourselves (as a nation) as 'Winnahs'. The government / crime lords will eat victims alive - 'cos they can. Winnahs make for tougher chewing.

Champagne Heathen said...

Aah, the joys of Capitalism then! And the guys from these big corporates wonder why their conditional charitable deeds don't solve the world's fck ups from their fake altrustic ways.

Wiggles - He did?? I obviously only ever read the kiddies version.

Considering last nights activities...yes. You sound like you are about to offer something...

Loch - Good point about "victim" mentality & labelling. We need to seem like a scary force to be reckoned with.

Although, me on a hangover IS scary enough to be reckoned with!

Anonymous said...

Champs: You made an interesting post and we had an intersting chat regarding the pros and cons of aid funding (if I remember correctly) - particularly the pitfalls of free aid money (or as Wiggles puts it sumpthin' for nuthin').

"Corporate social responsibility" money may be fake, but I don't see too much else wrong with it. And it forms a legitimate part of a wide range of funding mechanisms. (Hooray here to Bill Gates and Warren Beatty for their personal $60bn btw).

That said, considering you're Off the Ball (Wiggly - read: still no balls) today... we understand where you're coming from ;-)

Anonymous said...

Guess its a bit of a bear market today :-) No auctions or bling. Let get some posting capital going.

Someone must have some returns

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

march? protest with banners? yeah, that works everytime as history has shown us.

I like my Flash mob idea better. It'll be like Wham! Got ya you lazy, ignorant savage! Then disappear...

A taste of reality is what they need.

DaveRich said...

Sitting in Rosebank Mall, with my ticket in my grubby paws, going to see the 15:15 show at Nouveau. Those guys are brilliant. They came past the restaurant the other day handing out flyers and I got to meet em. They are cool guys.

Champagne Heathen said...

Loch - rather than have to go & hunt down that post again in this slooooow state of mine today, I'll just say - Thanks for the understanding!! And yes, well caught on about my 1001 meanings in today's title!

But yes, I am all for any & all money. Hand it over. They should just not kid themselves that they are being SO generous & selfless in doing so.

Guinnie - No puns on a slow day!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH. AND that is far too financial for my mind, probably on any day.


And rather tell me, should i do 4 days in Mozam (sensible), or take off two unpaid extra days & then fly straight to Jozi to George to a wedding (complex). OR spend 1000 days on the Mozam coast & then cruise on my friend's yacht (read: Dhow) he plans to buy during our trip (Brilliant!). This is where my head is today.

Lolls - hahahahahhaha. All i can think of is a large mob jumping out of bushes & behind building scaring people just strolling past. Hahahahha. I think I should just go & watch some Monty Python for the rest of the day.

Champagne Heathen said...

DaveRich - EXCELLENT!! Good for you for supporting them! Let us know how it is. And yes, they are crazy but gorgeous fools. I am surprised you don't them. They were once Melville regulars. (But maybe I should shut up now before I say too much).

Anonymous said...

Lollipop, you flash mob idea ?.

Hey champs, at least the pun got the comments to run :-)

Anonymous said...

*Jam wakes up startled*
What was that Champs?
Mozambique / yacht?

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone has gone into estivation.

Revolving Credit said...

Did someone say free drinks?

Anonymous said...

Rev, I was wondering when you would pop in with such a financial theme.

Revolving Credit said...

The blogsphere seem very quite today - what's up? Is everybody hungover again?

Or is there a party somewhere no-one bother to tell me about?

Anonymous said...

Think they all the piggy auction :-)

Champagne Heathen said...

Oooo man, I am now one well-read up chickie with SO MUCH MORE to rant about. Grrrr. Good luck to you guys reading this in the next week or so!

Guinnie - I think it might be time to start thinking of starting your own blog!! Filled with crazy puns and links! Just, you can't use the name or something. Unless you are living a double life, then that address has been taken!

Jam - WAKE UP!!

Guinnie - what is "estivation"??

Rev - only if you don't like the movie. I'd also be careful what kinda drink they'd be willing to buy you!

Very quiet in here indeed! Maybe, and here's a wild from-the-complete-left-field idea, bloggers are actually working on their real jobs today.

But more likely most people stayed home to sleep off hangovers & the cold weather.

Anonymous said...


Champs, I think I will leave the blogging to you guys. Especially after last night when a friend commented about a blog, that was nominated best in its category, and its bad spelling.

I ain't no write so will just keep harassing you here ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not falling back to anon.

Champagne Heathen said...

Aaah, but the necessity of good spelling can always be disputed!!

On a completely unrelated note...I have just sent my timesheet in for this week, so officially my work has stopped for the week, so officially...I am outta here!

Have a good one all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Well I know my spelling is bad. I live by the:
"it takes a damn poor mind to be able to only spell a word one way"

That said, as someone who writes for a living, that should be a minimum. However, it is not my place to say anything :-)

Have a good one, and watch out for them in purple.

Apparently Guinness has less calories than larger. Now who said that?????

DaveRich said...

Movie was awesome. I loved it. The first twenty minutes are all set in Melville, Nuno's got a huge punt as did Sahib. Very well filmed and funny too. Well done. I would recommend it too everyone.

Phlippy said...

Babes, am so sorry I didn't get a chance to read on Friday - will definitely read today though