Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life in a city in Afrique L'Ouest

Life is great on this side. Even with the daily tropical storm. I see the only person who has guessed my location so far is a guy who has been aware of my travels before I blogged about it... keep guessing!

Here are some photos, for a small taste of it all. The street with thousands of fruits stalls. And MYGOD but I am LOVING the fresh paw-paw or pineappled chopped into chunks for breakfast! As well as the oh-so-tasty baguettes & croissants & WELCOME BACK THE FRENCH LIFE!!

Other photos of the worn-down buildings along the massive french-style avenues. And of course, one of a small happy smiling kid, on her way home from school. ALWAYS gotta have a photo of a happy smiling kid.

My head hurts with all the french, and everything I am typing now I am repeating in my head in French.

Loving this city. Much more developed than I'd have imagined. As tropical. As hot. Less mosquitoes. Darling people. Great beer....oh yes, think I forgot to mention that all rules become null & void when one is on the equator...including drinking challenges with oneself.

Bon Journee!


ChewTheCud said...

Missing you hun. Its miserable, wet and cold here. Enjoy **** d'****** like crazy. Don't bring back any orphans or anything ;)

Anton said...

I like the French.

I'm reading Albert Camus at the moment, more specifically, his essay on the nature of suicide.

It's interesting, and even though academic, his dry French sense of humour comes through.

He gives two main reasons for suicide:

Something happens, like the loss of a child, that wears you down, and eventually you give up: an exit strategy of sorts... stop the world I want to get off.

The other is despair, or existential angst.

Pondering about the meaning of life until the only conclusion, IF you reject religion and / or spirituality, is that life is essentially meaningless.

Sure, you have subjective meaning: what your girlfriend, children, wife, family, friends, etc, mean to you.

Or the legacy you'll leave when you cease to exist...

But one day even Ozymandias won't be remembered. At that point any claim to existence or continued existence fades into oblivion.

As one with such a view, it's not easy to not get angst about the nature of the existence.

However, Albert Camus writes about the Myth of Sisyphus as an example of how to continue without being bogged down in such dark thoughts.

Plus, he looks like the legendary Humphrey Bogart. So that's cool too!

hot pink flush said...

Hey Champs
Glad you're having such a great time (and missing the Jozi cold brrrrr)

those pics are sooo cool too.
have fun and be safe honey.

Anton said...

Hot Pink Flush:

There is no safe honey. I wish there were.

But the last attempt at safe honey, in the mid 80s, around South to Cental America, resulted in the cross-breeding of the Killer Bee.

The Africanised Bee, as it's known (I personally know it by another name: MY ARCH FOE!) was created like Frankenstein.

Do not be fooled by the honeybee.

It is evil, and if you let it get too close (they normally butt you with their heads before attacking, kinda honorable, but that's the most I'll begrudingly admit) it stings you with it's horrifically barbed stinger, discharging venom faster than Eddie Brock can turn into Spider-Man's NO 1 foe.


Do not trust the honeybee.