Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Assessment time

One mate was told yesterday by the caretaker of his building that he needs to be more careful. This was her solution to a stranger climbing through his first floor lounge window, stealing various things from the lounge, walking out the apartment door, past the security guard, and out of the front door. All while my mate was having a normal night’s sleep.

Another friend was walking back from the Fall Out Boy concert and she and her friend had five guns suddenly pointed against their heads. Two handbags were stolen by the time this violent act was concluded.

“Luckily no one was hurt!”

My neighbours, in the parallel road, ended up in ICU after a Sunday lunch. The woman returned home to a car full of men with guns. They shot her husband and the guest.

One blogger is leaving our shores for work. And he is packing his blog with him. I am sad about it. I am going to miss his insights. He had better still pop by this blog!

Our Health Minister is denying our Deputy Health Minister’s claims of chaos in an Eastern Cape hospital.

A friend of mine helped to get a boy from Khayletisha into university. That boy is now receiving 90% for Second Year Maths.

UNHCR (The United Nations Agency for Refugees) is saying that it will not be terming Zimbabweans as refugees or setting up a refuges camp until there has been a total collapse of the Zimbabwe state.

There are 600 Zimbabweans entering through South African borders every day by now.

The weather has warmed up by a few degrees and it is getting brighter earlier.

Work emails are showing that people within the development world continue to be plagued by politics. Why are you doing this? Why were we not consulted? Now that we have reviewed your project, we recommend you overhaul the entire thing to suit our way. Can we just hold up implementation for one more meeting, so that we can expend money on making our voice heard. Egos continue to abound and to push away the issues that are assumed to be at the core of our salaries.

I drank too much coffee this morning. And it tasted great.


RB said...

Another day in paradise then Champers??!

Champagne Heathen said...

Yeah, something like that :)

Not too sure what you are really meant to take from today's post. Just how it is, I guess.

But I did have a career revelation! That was a bonus!