Thursday, July 26, 2007

Water Water Everywhere

“Over 90% of diarrhoeal deaths are attributed to poor hygiene, sanitation and unsafe drinking water".

You enjoy your bottled water & your clean working office toilets & taps today, y'hear!

[From a fascinating article about the UN Millenium Development Goals, and how us lowly citizens should be the ones bitching at our local governments, so they can bitch at National governments, to up the country's game in meeting these goals on time].

[Update: I was just informed today's post is boring. That is the point. Kinda. To make the reader either follow up on the article, or to read yesterday's post and comment on whether or not you understood it, or whether you join the group emailing me asking what someone handed me at a corner robot on the way to work that morning.]


Koekie said...

Dude - it's hectic. I also read an article yesterday about 30 people dying of diarrhea (can never spell that) in Zim because they couldn't get access to rehydrating water in time. It made me sad.

Also kind of ironic that parts of the UK are suffering from floods AND drought at the same time. It's terrible but it makes me smile (in a sardonic way)... welcome to the third-world, baby.

Champagne Heathen said...

Koeks - yeah, fascinating to watch, the reaction to natural distasters in the first world are always so fascinating. And all the politics that goes around it. The biggest concerns are which politician shows up to show support. Here, if such chaos even makes the news, the people are slightly more screwed than just which politician arrives to shake their hand.

Don't even start with Zim!!! Grrrrrr!! I am so mad and dispondent about that.

Mr Memetic said...
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