Thursday, September 06, 2007

I found some words

What a strange mood. What a wonderful mood. And it just never seems to end. Just keeps bubbling happily away.

I have come home from two weeks of no stresses, only chuckling and occasional moments of headaches and disorientation, of safety, no responsibilities – except not falling into deep sleep waiting for the midnight flight, good friends, good times, good new people and places.

I have come back resolving to keep unhealthy people and elements out of my life. No more of the uninspired, critical of uniqueness rather than cherishing it. To realising I have made some damn good choices in the recent past.

My July tripping and my traipsing about America had me surrounded by those people who are mates because we just fit perfectly. Where life is just easy and simple and FUN. Few issues. No shite. No dragging you all down. Debating and talking and joking and looking forward, over the chaos, and not seeing what the problem is, we’ll sort it out, we always do, now how about a beer or that bottle of red wine in the sunny park… Do you want the hoppy beer or hey, didn’t we pick up a bottle of kak cheap rose wine, let’s pop open that for early lunch looking over the mountain range towards the foggy Pacific…

Little is getting me down right now. And here’s raising my glass of kak rose to it lasting till next’s year annual trip… Start preparing ex-Commie Europe…!

The way I’m feeling, one would almost have to think I was receiving a regular good ravishing.


Mommy said...

Well, I'm really pleased you're in such a good space!!

Champagne Heathen said...

Up and down and Up again. And then down again. And then... And all of that "Zen" stuff. That's why I have gorgeous mates like you around & vice versa. Through it all. With strawberries & champs to accompany it!

Love ya!

I just realised. It is nearly our friendship anniversary. Or has been. Or or or??!

ChewTheCud said...

Welcome back Champers! Great to have you back and to hear you're in such high spirits ;)

john dodds said...

Seismic monitoring in your area indicates that this is not the case.

Champagne Heathen said...

Chews - ah, thanks. And what kinda spirits are we talking here!?

John - and could you now remove that seismic measuring machine from under me thank you!

Anonymous said...

nice to have you back.

Keep up the monty python mantra!

Anonymous said...

It's no longer a question of staying healthy. It's a question of finding a sickness you like.

- Jackie Mason

Mr Memetic said...

There are friendship anniversaries??

Oh uh.

That means I might need to take Dazz out for dinner and a dramatic movie soon.

Sigh. It'll be fun, but it often ends uncomfortably.