Friday, October 05, 2007

Extract from Wild Child dissertation

"... The Wild Child, most people mistakenly believe, does not have needs.

When/ should these needs appear, these people generally have one of two reactions. They are startled and back away – a mentality of “But I didn’t sign up for this”. The relationship is founded on a bias of the Wild Child being the support and distraction; it is not one where the other person is meant to “be there” for the Child of Fun Loving Chaos. Or people use this moment of vulnerability to guilt-load and weigh down the Wild Child. By trapping the Wild Child, they can control and exert power. However, they are only minimally concerned that fundamental elements of The Child are lost as a result; “but now, remember how that made you feel… And remember how I had to be there for you”.

The Wild Child, while seemingly extremely popular, in fact has very very few true genuine friends; those people who are supportive no matter the actions and take genuine concern in their wellbeing. Their uniqueness can be treasured by only this handful of people, who would never kill the uniqueness through exploitation or suppression. ...."


Anonymous said...

if i were their marker i'd probably fail the person.

you should find the dissertation on being a moderate because that's what they become and how to deal with the growing pains.

and isn't that one of life's great nuances finding people to save you from yourself and at the same time to just let you be.


Anonymous said...

Love you lots, Wild Child.

ChewTheCud said...

Ritalin ;)vb