Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tis the season

Slow today.

After-effects of end-of-year office party, which was held at a restaurant suffering from load shedding. All one can do is drink the free wine, while pretending to be starving and hoping for food.

“Pass another bottle please….”

The boss admitted this morning that he has a headache. He asked how the rest of us were feeling. No one is owning up to feeling the same. But I have noticed even many an office was still empty when I cruised in at my late hour.

Other boss & I had spent the last bottle of wine discussing the merits of him buying a Harley. His wife was not impressed. Especially as she had more than hinted half an hour before that it was perhaps time to go. If I do ever hope to become a Wife of Admin, I have so much still to learn. Just send the damn kids to cheaper schools and get the shiny bike, I say! Cheers! Hic. Glare from the sidelines as the boss cheersed along.

Third boss said she could see me being quite happy on a Western Cape wine farm, while I topped up her glass. I’m still not quite sure how to take this. I would prefer that she is still very able to picture me being able to pump out meaningful incredible well-researched reports. But rather than worry, I regaled her in my plans of harvesting cows in Malmsebury. She thinks I am a genius. Cheers! Hic.

There was no dancing on tables. No puking by any interns. While the guys from finance kept going off for a smoke rather than attempting to fondle the secretaries. No one was carted off with everyone else shaking their heads in pity. Festivities ended on a jolly 11pm note.

Far too calm, if you ask me.

Pass the panado.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some blog surfing as of late. There are definitely some new and fun ones out there. New communities sprung up and tightened.

But also some pieces that seem like the writers need a visit from a hippy, a good old hug, and some love shared – wow, how can you despise everyone else so much? Were you ignored as a child? Beaten? Downtrodden? But I guess if such judgments help get you through each day… Also, perhaps head over to the new phenomenon that is Hatebook. It reads like it is right up your alley.

While the rest of us indulge in silly conversations over good wined Christmas parties as SA heads into crazy season.


P.S. If you are looking for something to do tonight, it is Open Shopping Night at 44 Stanley, Milpark, from 6pm onwards. Free champagne… so you know I'll be there...


Ruby said...

No dancing on tables??????
I am appaled!

Champagne Heathen said...

Apparently it got too cold. I think my boss planned the freezing wind to start, so we'd stop drinking away all his cash!

Unknown said...

My first time reading your blog champagne heathen, really enjoyed it! Will start reading through your previous entries after work today!

Champagne Heathen said...

Welcome Natalie! Enjoy browsing...