Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why don't I just say what I REALLY think

Sat on a shop couch till 2.30am drinking champagne, eating mince pies and white rabbits, and discussing life and how we just earned Masters of Life Lessons this year. Moving slower today than the day before.

I am fucking sick of women who speak to you, me, others with backstabbing disrespect intermingled so beautifully into their words. I fall for it every time. They are not “friends” with me because they “love” me, but only for their own selfish needs and means. And I ain’t buying any longer.

And while I am bitching through bloodshot eyes and a slow-to-react head, riddle me this Batman…. Why is it that the stronger person is always the one expected to do the apologising and chaos up-mopping? When will the weaker “poor me I’m such a victim, who loves and revels in my victim space” grow their own backbone and stand up and face what shite they have caused and pain they have themselves thrown out at others.

Cause yes, even the eternal “woes-is-fucking-me” victim can be the instigator of pain and chaos and hurt.

Man, right now I could do my own stabbing. But it would most definitely be in the front of you certain people.

And stay the fuck away from my good friends, cause I am going to be even more pissed off and knife-wielding when you toss them aside when they no longer meet your needs or fit cutely into your set role. Women can be evil manipulative creatures when they desire so.

Enough of this shite. I am hoping this is simply the last stubborn stains of my Spring Cleaning. I am off to sit with Bob and his Three Little Birds.

And should you want to repent, bugger it, I do not want to hear your words, repent in cash. Buy these kids something of value for Christmas, and send your Gift Certificated Plea of Sorrow to that person you know you hurt during 2007.

And then pass the coffee. Extra strong. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Now this post I simply love! Champs you become better and better each day! Amen to all of the above!

Lulu Nation said...

Here here, Champs! Totally feeling you here!

Champagne Heathen said...

Rubes - ah thanks! I go through up and down writing periods, so lets hope there are greater things to come!

Lulu! Yeah, looks like it, considering your recent post.

And as long as you two protect me from possible hidden wrath that might now be heading my way!

Ruby said...

I'm looking forward to whats to come!

well champs..i'm not all that good at physical protection(the words thing i can do), but i know people....if you catch my drift;-)

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em sister.

Fekkin' useless eejits.