Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday Nights Out

We finally decided to brave the local town pub, as all the youngsters had boozed themselves off to the annual 10 000-man braai.

Just a quiet drink. It will be good to get out of the house for a bit. We’re old now & do not need to prove our partying abilities. Let the youngsters have their moment – let them be the ones boozing and dancin’ and snogging till the sun rises up its hot ass. Let them be climbing into bed in filthy muddy exhausted states. Not for me anymore. Oh no.

She thought as she headed out one night this beach holiday for one drink.

Only for her to return home after 5.30am, driving past people already arriving back from the braai, crawling into an ad hoc bed that promptly filled with sand, after she’d closed the pub, closed the par cark, and been frolicking near-naked in the waves with complete strangers & a bottle of vile vodka/OJ.

The more things change….

P.S. Whether you’re 16, 26, or probably even 36, you will still end up attempting to sneak oh-so-so-so-quietly into your family holiday house after a massive surprise night out. And the older you get, it seems, the more likely you are to fail in keeping the folks unawares.


fuzzy logic said...

ah, the old Oxbraai. I never did make it to one of those. I trust you avoided Neptune's too? haha

Champagne Heathen said...

Nope, I didn't get to the old tent this year, but apparently they did have an over-25 section this year! Ha ha! And the really old guys (30yrs) got into the "vip" section. Hahahahahha.

Good old Ox Braai - you missed NOTHING - I think I made 4 or 5, and the last one I did 100% sober the whole time!...so we could drive back early, before sunrise chaos.

Ruby said...

lol.....it's harder to keep quiet as you get older cause....becomes you'v become more used to doing pretty much your own thing;-)

Champagne Heathen said...

Doing my own thing had mainly consisted of sleeping at every possible chance. Until the 1 night I changed to the room next to my folks' room, so that the Bathurst goers wouldn't wake anyone when they got home!! Bluddy Murphy's Law!

Ruby said...

lol...........i hate murphy...he's such a selfish and irritating dude!

Revolving Credit said...

I do recall once sneaking in early one moring as quietly as drunkenly possible..tiptoe..bump something..shit..sneak..pseudo leapard crawl...make it to bedroom...settle in...good, didn't wake the folks..smile at a job well done

Only to hear the parents return about half an hour after I do, not nearly as quietly as I attempted.

WTF? Note to self - Check if vehicles are actually parked before sneaky, sneaky entrance!

2nd note to self - How embarrassing? Parents returning after you? If no car parked, go back out and return later!

Champagne Heathen said...

Ruby - He does love to always steal the limelight doesn't he!

Rev - HA HA HA!! I'm just picturing you leopard crawling down a hallway in a drunk state!

I've also been in that mindset... should I rather go back out, for my self-esteem, and only get back once the folks have actually gotten home themselves.

I love the drunken "quietness" attempts.