Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Patronising Terms

The thing about patriotism is, well, it’s fake. Or man-made, if you’d prefer.

Same goes for Nationalism.

These concepts were politically manufactured over the centuries to cause some order. Eventually they are going to cause disorder. Might already be doing so.

Biologically, do you owe anybody anything?

Why are ethnic groups characterised by exclusivity and closed doors? In a globalising world, is cultural protectionism not leading to hatred, torture, murder, even genocide?

Always “nice” to consider such ideas when you next tell people they are deserting their duties to their country by moving across borders for geographical and political areas they deem safer and more suitable to their needs.

Before you claim that critical acts are destructive and counter-productive, after your neighbour insults the choices of governance over a piece of boundaried land.

When you watch groups in Africa tear ourselves apart as we reach for continental unity.

The world is globalising. It is time to leave the Age of Paternity to the elders it suited.


Anonymous said...

You are "The best", gal!! You give new meaning to toatl political trivia taken with a pinch of salt and a piece of lemon,Oh wow!! The goes my Tequilla...Eishhh
mara anyway, you tell it like it is, in a very intellectually realistic manner!! Why are some peeps afraid to say what they feel/mean? I can, you definately can, so why not the rest? They always say I'm rude and forward, i need to think carefully of what i say to people, mara for what?They must just be STRONG!!

Champagne Heathen said...

Anon - aah, thanks! Much obliged! And feel free to being open and sprouting ideas here. Even if people don't speak up, they at least are often listening, and so hear/ read what we keep saying off the top of our crazy heated heads!