Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Nothing like a bout of flu to force me to stay in bed for the morning.

Yeeeees. Sure. “Force”. That's me - a dedicated worker in the world of Capitalist cogs and wheels.

Well, actually, I must be fairly dedicated if I am at the office at all, attempting to type through half-closed eyes, ginger tea fumes and aching everything.

Or I am just plain dumb and not easily distracted from my rut… “Week day. Must get to office. Not dying, technically. Must work”.

A politics professor once told us that there are only three countries left in this world that exist by ideology: North Korea. Cuba. And the United States of America.

After hearing a snippet of good old Mrs Rodham Clinton’s speech yesterday (which I now cannot track down), I see the USA’s ideology has big plans to stay with us for the long haul.

Unfortunately. Cough. Hmmm. Did I say that.

American Ideology, also kindly termed as: AMERICAN SUPREMACY, or even, AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM:

“We rock. We are great. We did something right in the creation of our country, unlike the entire rest of you idiots. That is why we need to control you. We can do anything that we set our minds to (yes, even destroy entire other countries and spur global fundamentalism on to whole new heights). We are right, and either you are part of our minions, or we need to destroy you, and build up your nations’ entrails to resemble a minion”.

Stuff like that. Maybe in a bit more of professional wording.

Their Founding Fathers are demi-gods, sent down to create this incredible nation, where anything is possible (except nationwide free health care), and anyone can achieve anything (where even a raving cowboy loon, who enjoys his coke like his oil - refined, can become president).

The American Dream spurs on all and sundry. The citizens buy into it, and that is why the state can get away with The Patriot Act or men like McCarthy. Anything to protect The Ideology. Any word using “democracy”, “patriotism”, “founding fathers”, "Best greatest most super duper Capitalist Free-World Model", and onwards gets them riled up into raving gun-toting flag-waving loons. And us foreign fools buy into it too, that’s why we get so angry about their immigration policies.

And since only this little section of the world was built up by demi-gods, and the rest of the world by mere fallible mortals, well, it is up to the demi-god nation to “nanny” us. And if the democrats are using the words of The Ideology to get themselves elected, what hope do we have for a less arrogant bullying America, really.

I think I’ve repeated myself enough here. Obviously the next round of meds have just kicked in, and I get back to some decent work.

Have yuuurselves a Super Duper Tuesday, y’hear!


Shaun said...

The more I start following the US election fiasco, the more I am convinced that Barack Obama is the one candidate who can change the rest of the world's perception of the US by fixing that ideology.

Your old neighbour from 99 WP! said...

Bit of a rant there Champers... not entirely fair to lump Americans like that. Many, who are fiercely proud to be Americans - and rightly so in my opinion, would agree that there are serious problems with national policy and government.

We as South Africans can hardly take the high ground here - we have a likely future president who we wish had only dabbled in coke! Aids, arms-deals, crime, etc... to argue that "Americans" tacitly agree with the state of their government and the hype it spins is to imply that we do the same of ours. Parallels exist between the hype spun to get a man elected who pioneers the showering-approach to safe sex, to that used by his American counterpart in starting a war. It's politics: dishonest, but unfortunately effective.

Underlying American ideology is sound, its manipulation is political and I don't think reflective of the general day-to-day sentiment and ambition of "Americans".

By the way, holding thumbs for you and the new dude!

Champagne Heathen said...

Shaun - I have to be honest, I haven't followed the circus too much as yet. I'm waiting for when it is the 1 Republican against the 1 Democrat, then I'll start listening up. But that snippet of Hillary's speech yesterday suddenly got my attention, as I always assumed the Democrats were not that focused on the AMERICA CAN DO ANYTHING BECAUSE WE ARE AMERICA ideology.

Neighbour!! - HELLO you gorgeous man! I'm assuming this is my dodgy Earl Grey-drinking neighbour who left us all for cleverer places?!

And stop picking on the flu'd up chick! Is this anytime to come and start an intellectual debate! Also, please try to recall, I LIVE on the higher ground.

In terms of the USA vs SA...my political readings have been warning that we are showing ourselves off to be "the America of Africa", in the idea that WE got something right that no-one else did, so this gives us the right to boss around the smaller countries. But with recent infrastructural CHAOS & possibilities of where SA will be in a few years, our possible ideology exists on a MUCH more shaky base than America's. No, SA does not have a foot to stand on.

We hate America for their ideology, yet we are still so attracted to it, not only because of their arrogance but because yes, they often do achieve what they set out to.

The America under George W., however, was an example of why the USA needs to keep a reign on their ideology. The NeoCons exploited the peoples' beliefs, and this (arguably) only really benefitted the NeoCon Republicans. Except that they are now getting tossed out - because America's democracy works...well, let me say that post-November's elections.

Smooches to you! Missing you!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Aw!! Feel better soon doll...and GO HOME!!! It's the perfect excuse to catch up on re-runs of your favourite TV series, DVD's, fluffy pillows and duvets!

Not gonna go down the election route- I see the others here have had their say and I personally like to stay away from politics! haha!!


Your old neighbour from 99 WP! said...

Ha - indeed, the tea drinker himself (it's still the best hangover cure on earth!) Couldn't resist getting stuck in here.

Out of interest, just down the road from where I live here in London the Democrats are casting votes for super-Tuesday. A couple of people were campaigning in the streets last night. I reckon that's a fair sign that people realise the desperate need for change. Enough though... we'll pick this up over a coffee/drink (my kingdom for a Hansa!) sometime in the distant future!

Hope you're well (flu aside) you glorious woman!