Thursday, March 06, 2008

Deer In the Headlights

I am one step away from gooi'ing the stapler. From telling the person what I really think of them, their work ethic and the project they are supposed to be managing. One tiny toe inch away from losing the inspiration with & passion for this job and career. And if you don't have passion, you're as bad as them. You may as well give up & let the fuck ups slide over.

But then what and to where? ....if ever there was a thought that scared me into deer-in-the-headlight inaction!

I am so sick of hearing the daily words of "race" and "crime" and all of it in the overdramatic sensational newspapers. Fuck all discussion or asking "And how are we going to heal" than there is finger pointing and soap-style explanations. Were newspapers always this ridiculous and amateur & I just grew out of them?

Were 3/4s of our country's employers and employees always so lacking in professionalism and challenge? High school was so good for so many, it seems, that they feel no need to grow out of it. We all feel so important. So self-important. Perhaps because we all know the reality - put most of us on a world stage, and we'd freeze in those theatre lights. We'd be working the water cooler for the chorus line.

Or would we? Maybe if we just tried - a hint of professionalism, a dash of thinking out of the stereotypes picked up on chat shows, a release of childish ways, a dabble of humility, instead of covering up our fear with self-important delegating. Maybe we could move up.

Maybe if we refocused the light off the deer, the deer could show itself for what it really is.


Anonymous said...

And I suppose you're the one to lead us the rest of us mere mortals into this bright new enlightened future? Maybe you should try some humility and quit dishing out judgement on others with such a heavy hand.

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha ha. Nope. You seemed to have missed that point in it all. ...If it had a point or made sense. It still does for me when I reread it but I know that many people probably won't follow wtf I was carrying on about as I typed it more as a train of thought leading anywhere - I was typing out of me some extreme office & morning frustrations.

There is a part that says "we" (perhaps this is me, unable to admit yet to myself I actually mean "me"?) stay self-important within our smaller SA nation, because trying it internationally might mean all we'd end up as is lackies to the global "chorus liners". Whoever "we" is - it is most definitely not to say all of SA.

I would like to learn, to be more challenged, and I am so sick of hearing or witnessing incidents of what reminds me of high school mentality take place around these here parts. And how does that saying go...about you being your own worst judge? So not to fear - I judge so as to learn, myself very much included!