Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pictorial #2

The status update of a friend read this morning that she was in desperate need of positive news on SA, from her far away travels. So off the speech was sent.

But along with this, I browsed through my SA SCENES folder of photos, and sent pictorial SA love off to her.

For several years now, I have been building up a folder of photographs I have taken, or that I have stolen from family & friends. Nothing is allowed to be professional. And with each mate that tries out another continent, so goes the CD of images. To remind them of home.

So to inspire any reader that trips past this page today.... A few more of the photos that I now have all over my room... The choice of just these few was not easy. Not easy at all.

Old Xhosa man in the Transkei - 2006
Hout Bay - November 2007
Can you see Madiba in this pic!! Look REALLY closely at the screen
World AIDS Day in Orange Farm - 1st December 2005
Free State in mid-Winter 2005

Jacarandas of Gauteng - 2006A Lion from my mom's camera
At a KZN clinic - September 2007Drakensberg 2007
The most darling Free State girl - mid-Winter 2005


Anonymous said...

Hey... love the pics. Actually when I was back this last time I brought across a whole bunch of photo albums and decorated my room with lots of pics. There really is nothing like home :-)

Anonymous said...

The pic of the Jacarandas is the best, very pretty.

It would be nice if South Africans didn't litter like the biggest pigs in the world so that every area I drive around looks like a dump. What's up with that? It's one thing in common all races in SA have, they all dirty litterbugs. Soooooooo annoying.

Champagne Heathen said...

Hey Sergeant! Good! You just keep missing us! :)

Anon - A teacher friend of mine carries on that us South Africans all need a good lesson in "Respect", especially "Self Respect"... and link this to littering... how can we have slef respect if we cannot even tidy up after ourselves... so spread the word and start the campaign!

Also, when I showed my maid photos of New York, she was shocked at to how tidy it was. When you don't know any different (from a littered city centre) why act differently?

Triggermap said...

I love these pics and they brightened my day/night :) Thanks

I actually think SA is alot cleaner now since they did away with free plastic bags - I notice them strewn in the english countryside here and i am glad to say at least SA got that one down heh:)

Champagne Heathen said...

Triggers - It's my job to remind you we are all still waiting back here across an ocean and continent for when you guys in London miss us!