Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Often when my friends go on their merry exploring ways overseas I give them a CD of "South African Scenes". Mainly to pull at their heartstrings and remind them to come home, and so their foreign friends are able to see what a kick-ass country we live in.

Most of the photos are my own, taken on my travels. Some are stolen from friends and family. But all are just your average "point-and-shoot-with-digi-cam" stuff.

I am busy updating the CD for the latest friend who's about to flap her arms and head north for the summer and I thought I'd post 3 of my favourites, as taken by little ol' me...

A girl in the small town of Chokwe in Mozam, taken this April

Cape Point - August 2004

Early one morning when I was getting ready for work from my old flat. Just had to capture the moon like this.

[DON'T STEAL MY PICS. Thank you.]


Anonymous said...

Nice photos Champs! Thats a really lovely idea to compile photos for a friend whose leaving.

Revolving Credit said...

You say DON'T STEAL MY PICS, but you also say 'Some are stolen from friends and family'.

So they're not really yours to begin with??

Why don't you ask all the bloggerazzi to post their coolest SA Scene pics so that you may increase your pool of pics?

Anonymous said...

Your pics are gorgeous and stealable...

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks Dave! That's cause I am a really lovely person ;)

Rev - they never stated I couldn't steal their photos. Plus I always tell my friends I am taking their pics. I'm ridiculously honest like that.

And these 3 pics are all mine!

Definitely an idea for some blog pic posting. A whole new version of "A Day In The Life Of South Africa".

Thanks Jam! Don't steal them!

Itsnopicknick said...

Good idea! Make 'em yearn and churn. I'll go now because the rhyming is simply not cool. But first I must say FAB PICS. Is that Northcliff Hill in the distance? My view also has Northcliff Hill

m said...

can I have that CD?

m said...

may I please?

TwoFlower said...

those photos are beautiful - quite the photographer are we...? very nice!

Champagne Heathen said...

Spoon - it is indeed Northcliff hill. Good eye!

Montchan - just send your postal details, a coupla swedish coins, and let's track how decent SA's postal service (and my ability to execute tasks) is these days!

2F - there's a suppressed inner photo-journo in all of us...or maybe just me.

m said...

Thanks girl! I can even find you a place to crash in NYC should you require it.

I think it will be better to just zip the file and try emailing it. Swedish coins will be coming anyway.

I will get you my details.

Champagne Heathen said...

Ah, thanks for the accomodation offer! Really sweet!

Mail me at champsheathen at with your postal address or I'll finally put my head down to work out zipping files.

Koekie said...

Just got round to viewing your pics... love the one of the moon. LOVE the moon when it's like that! Awesome to capture it.

Champagne Heathen said...

HEY Koekie! Pretty easy to figure me out hey! Especially with that link to me.

What is your blog page URL? I have been trying to figure it out. And send me an email to this address "champsheathen at yahoo dot co dot uk" so I can mail you from my normal email.