Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Too much energy now

Champs on repeat:

A girl can be passed out and naked.
She can walk down the street naked.
She can be wearing garish red polish on her toe nails, a skirt so short I prefer to call them “skelts” (Skirt-cross-belt), and donning fishnets and high heels.
She can be warm and friendly to a point that you consider her to be flirting.
Not one of these instances affords any man a right to sexually harass her, to say “She was asking for it”, to reinterpret her “No” as “Yes”, or her “Stop” as “I’m enjoying this”.
A woman’s decision. Her choices. Are to be respected and listened to. (well, unless they go against your human rights).

This is why I’m wearing a skirt today and am off to march my little legs from the Jo’burg Gallery to the Noord Street Taxi Rank.

And speaking of consenting romps en pomps. With The Boy gone for a whole 3 days now, I suddenly have lots of nervous energy that is completely confused on what to do with itself. After a full day’s stressful work, I got home and suddenly had vacuumed my car, wiped and gleamed it, washed it. Then I cleaned my room. Fixed up some flowers. Washed my hair. And yoga’d the rest of the energy out. All before the hour of Eight p.m. And I ended off the night with finishing up some work.

My god. I should have done this relationship thing years ago! Where the guy has to disappear for months at a time.

If I had, I bet I would have had the motivation and energy to, at the very least, given old Ban Ki-moon a run for his global-tax-payers’ dollar in last year's SG run.


Patchwork said...


Congrats you made two categories I think.

See you there I hope! I sooo want to go.

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks lady! I think. Cause now that page says it will only show the nominated tomorrow. But it showed me a few when I first quickly breezed over.

Isn't it going to be a Cape thing this year though?? Although, I think I was meant to spend my birthday in the Cape this year.

Anonymous said...

that poor woman! and she isn't the first that it happened to, those men are disgusting pigs who should be castrated and beaten to a pulp. how's last yr when the woman in the township got beaten for wearing pants, it's shocking how some people hang on to that mentality.

Insane Insomniac said...

No matter what we wear, a guy will always find something about it to use as an excuse.
But then again, who, in this day and age, actually walks around in dodgy areas looking like she's just stepped out of a hooker's monthly catalogue????
There is confidence, then there is just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Then we must protect the 'plain stupid'.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Good for you!!! I am wearing a skirt too! I couldn't be at the ralley but I am supporting it!

It is disgusting. HUMAN RIGHTS seem to be out the window at the moment with race and sexuality etc...

Great post!

Champagne Heathen said...

Anon - But good for her for shouting up and out about it. Apparently that night she was told by a guard that she must stop crying and get over it cause it happens very often to many girls. Which is when she apparently decided that it was enough & she needed to make people aware of this.

Insanity - this is a tough situation - between the ideal of women being able to wear what we want, when and where we want to. And knowing that SOME men will use anything as an excuse to sexually harass so we should give them less leverage. Take up the fight against men deciding on our type of clothing, and you'll probably get hurt. So at least with the march, there is safety in numbers.

Lets hope it got into the back of the heads of the boys watching, remind girls who have been through similar incidents that it is not acceptable and the girls were not the people in the wrong, and maybe just chip away at the antiquated mentality of misogynists.

S - The plain stupid, and those like me who are too full of bravado for my own safety. Or those women who just like to wear what they want. They'll try to smack us back into the assigned roles - and we'll roar against it!

Blondie - It was good fun - will post on it tomorrow - if I can just figure how to get my photos off my phone. I think...the bubble has burst in so many ways and human rights now needs to be properly faced, rather than how it was done in '94 when we were not ready to deal with such senstive topics. So I fear, we are only just beginning...