Monday, April 07, 2008

Awkward Cocktail Party Talk

Champs, this is Bob. Bob, this is Champs.
Hi, nice to meet you… although, I’m sure I’ve met you before…
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! Ah well, it’ll come to one of us just now!

10 minutes into the conversation at this civilised party this weekend, and my mind was still trying to figure it out. Hmmm, peculiar. He is quite cute. Aaak, knowing me I once made a right fool of myself flirting with him, or… something is telling me I have seen him naked… but how could that be possible?? I wouldn’t have forgotten THIS guy. Hmmm… chat chat lovely day yes chat laugh chat… OH MY GOD I REMEMBER!! I remember him dressed only in a skimpy tanga, him making me run my hands down his gorgeous chest that was slicked in baby oil … ohfuck, I have had to nibble at chocolate that was tucked just within this man’s tanga!...… Fuckfuckfuck…where to look… yes, yes, lovely weather today chat chat polite chuckle, so is this your girlfriend?… Ha ha, nice to meet you… You two make a lovely couple. More wine? Where is that tequila?.... So… do you know you boyfriend is stripping for Northern suburb girl’s Hen Partys?

I do still think they make a lovely couple.

A few hours after they had left, I decided it was safe enough to ask the host about this… and apparently, I wasn’t the only girl at the party to realise she’d once been audience to this man’s paid stripping talents!


Revolving Credit said...

That party was less cock-tail and more cock-tale!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh my word!! How awkward...I'm sure he was acting dumb though...I'm sure he knew exactly where he knew you from!
I mean, it could have been worse...for example:
"Oh are you the girlfriend? Yes, yes, lovely couple...blah blah! Ooooh...I've JUST remembered where I met you...weren't you doing that hot steamy chocolatey naked dance for me?"
To girlfriend: "Good going...he has a hot body! Niiice!!"

See? Could have been worse! hahaha!!

Ruby said...

he he:) what a situation! although, i'm sure it wasn't nearly as bad for you as it was for him....just imagine him realising where he knows you from...silently begging you not to say

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - sadly, THAT was always covered up by a towel, during his dance.

Blondie & Rubes - I was sure to ask his girlfriend how long they had been going out, which is quite awhile, and so realised that she must know.

And yeah, after learning from my dad's great cocktail party chatter (he continuously does this like ask fat women if they are pregnant), I have learnt to say as little as necessary when people are still strangers.

He did grow more distant as the party continued, which either meant I became a loud drunk, or he realised!

Anonymous said...

did you tuck a R20 in his jean pant?