Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dry Sex

The other day, a post of mine mentioned “Dry Sex”. A lovely commentator repeated this idea in shock and asked “Why on earth?”.

Our culture seems to encourage women to be as “wet” as possible. From enough porno’s, erotica and, well, personal experience, a man takes pride in the “wetter” a woman is – as it shows how ‘turned on’ she is. Let alone the pain a woman would experience should her vagina be very dry during sex. Just look at the variety of lubes now adorning Pick ‘n Pay cosmetic shelves.

Here is “Why on earth”:

In some cultures (from Africa to Haitii, that I know of), men prefer a woman’s vagina to be dry during sex, as they believe this makes it tighter and hotter, and so more pleasurable for the man.

They also regard a dry vagina to be “cleaner”, as vaginal secretions are seen as dirty.

Some cultures believe that vaginal secretions indicate that a woman is sexually aroused, which may not be socially acceptable, and that a dry vagina is a sign of faithfulness. Women often are expected to be sexually passive, even to the physical extent.

To dry out a vagina, women use:
Herbs, bark, powders, cotton wool, tampons, paper, cotton cloth, newspaper or antiseptics to clean and dry the vagina.
For tightness and heat, substances that cause irritation are preferred including, in extreme cases, battery acid.
Antiseptics that are known to be used include Dettol, soap, salt solutions, or Betadine.
Chemical and other substances include toothpaste, washing powder, methylated spirits, vinegar, human urine, or baboon faeces.

This practice is extremely painful for women, but also is potentially very dangerous. It causes lacerations (breaks and tears) in the vaginal walls. And tears and breaks allow HIV to access blood streams. It also might lead to infections and permanent damage of the woman’s sex organs.
* Dry sex can cause a woman to bleed, providing a direct passageway for HIV to enter the bloodstream.
* Drying agents can also cause inflammations or lesions on a woman’s genitalia.
* Dry sex can increase the risk of HIV infection for men who have not been circumcised because a man’s foreskin is susceptible to tearing, creating a pathway for HIV infection.
Page 28 – actually, a good document in HIV issues in general).

Women need education on this practice; to realise why it is extremely dangerous, how it aids in the spread of HIV, and that they have a universal right to control their bodies and sexual feelings (physically and emotionally).


Anonymous said...

Everytime I hear about this, I'm glad i've had the upbringing I've had. No genital mutilation. No weird physical sexual stuff. Eish. Just a few social hangups. It ain't too bad when you consider the alternatives.

another excellent blog, Champers.

Koekie said...

It's one thing if a sexually liberated woman choses to squirt battery acid etc up her vagigi. It's freakishly weird, but if that's your fetish then... whatever.

But it makes me want to cry to think of women doing that, not out of choice, but because they feel (or know) it's what is expected of them by their community.

No, not cry. It makes me really really angry.

Champagne Heathen said...

Dolce - thanks! When I was telling my mate about this post, I told him your comment, and he loved how you look at it!

Koeks - And let that anger lead you to educate them towards empowerment and all of that... You are in the country that does well in championing female empowerment after all.

Globus said...

globus really needs to stop reading posts like this when he's at work. oops.

Champagne Heathen said...

Ah, but what a great way to strike up a conversation with that quiet colleague... Hey, did you know that in some parts in Africa...

Anonymous said...

Dolce just pointed me in your direction after she read my post on the same subject.

I stumbled across an article about this practice in indonesia and was horrified. had no idea it was so prevalent in so many countries.

ps: I like your blog

Champagne Heathen said...

Nurse Myra - Welcome to my blog & thanks for the comment!
Yup, it seems to be a usual practice in these parts. That said, I have never met anyone whose admitted to practising dry sex...but then, someone who does would be from a very conservative background & would be unlikely to talk to any old stranger about this!