Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Merchants, Skollies & Stones" Study

According to a study conducted by the CENTRE FOR JUSTICE & CRIME PREVENTION, 62% of Secondary School children know how to access a gun in their neighbourhood. And nearly 29% of Primary School kids know how to access a gun.

I am ten years out of school, and I still don't know how to access a gun. Other than google "Gun Shop in Jozi".

Meanwhile, 18% of these Secondary school kids know ho wto access a knife in their neighbourhood. Well. Now. THERE. Personally, I'd just open the kitchen drawer and pull out the resident carving utensil.

With all the media's alleged chaos going on in schools, 85,5% of Secondary School kids and 96,3% of Primary School kids feel safe in these educational facilities.

HOWEVER, this then begs the questioning:
- Are schools actually quite safe;
- Are these children so accustomed to a Culture of Violence that they do not realise how safe they could be;
- How violent is their daily out-of-school life, if they find their schools safe...

Schools mirror our societies, but on a more tragic level, because school are children's daily experiences. What kind of culture are we putting our kids through daily, that is a reflection of what we have created in our greater society.


Anonymous said...

Terrifying. I can't imagine what I would do as a kid in school, knowing the oke next to me had a handgun in his satchel.

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

that is indeed terrifying.
i find it even more so now that I have The Kid, who will be entering the school environment in a few years. What then?!

Anyway. I'm conducting a little interactive experiment. Head over to my blog, and ask me a question. Any question. My next post will be dedicated to answering all the questions I receive!