Monday, June 02, 2008

BurglarBarring my 3G

Since some of my brothers buggered off to the lands of far, they seem to growing into paranoid First Worlders.

The one, quite ironically, is fearing “The Capitalists” more and more. And pigeons.

While the other sends email replies about us being so stupid to be doing this-or-that over the web, and he constantly warns us about the shadowy CIA and lurking Internet thieves.

Some days he makes me feel far too na├»ve to the ways of the new world. Don’t I see that my blog, our other sibling’s news article commenting, or the joining of any and all social networks is trapping us into the clutches of the faceless others. Just behind that virtual bush, with the virtual balaclava, hides the tapping-hacking-Criminals of “Tomorrow”.

And he is a highly intelligent practical person. Which gets me even more concerned.

I start to think that either those folk over in the UK are becoming a united enormous cult who fear the “Techno Gevaar”, or that the CIA really do need more to do with their days.

We South Africans stress enough about our real time movements, and checking over our real shoulders before entering our real house gates. We lie in our real beds listening for real movements and hearing real creaks and steps.

Do we really need to cut short our safe worry-free-time of the day, by checking out for strange links, peculiar beeps or page changes, high-walling and barb-wiring our profiles, and tasering up before a good net surf?

Or is it that everyone needs to feel some level of danger, and ours really is just a little too high here in Jozi to be checking over our virtual shoulders each time we password into our virtual lives?

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Revolving Credit said...

I'm sure that the CIA is just itching to hack into my blog and post some nudie pics.

Come to think of it, thats not a bad idea since I've been far to lazy to post in te last while.

So guys if you're reading/watching/stalking, go for it, I dare you!!