Friday, June 06, 2008

DIY Knowledge Building South Africa

To quote a good and respected friend who also works in the Development World:

“There is a severe shortage of knowledge building activities in this country”

If you are reading this, you have a skill. If only the skill to read, let alone think.
Perhaps you are a lawyer. Or you passed Matric and successfully applied to a university and for a Student Loan.
Perhaps you can build or electrify.
How about your Maths knowledge?
While my English skills are good, my grammar is crap and me & the teachers never agreed in how I answered questions. But what of my ability to write a good simple essay. Or to mark a school kid’s extra efforts.

If you help one other person develop the same skill, you would have done something good.

Or you pass on knowledge of what democracy means.
How not to get infected with HIV or another STI.

How to drive.

Why your legal rights are not being met.

How to socialise in a business setting and talk with confidence.

How to write a good noteworthy CV (now there is a skill I still am in desperate need of!)

What do you know, that the kid who passed you on a street/ in the shops/ at home/ in your office would greatly benefit from knowing.
Even if you typed it out, and handed it to him/ her.

Last night we had inspiring dinner of minds. All committed citizens of this country, doing our best to ensure justice prevails, the economy will grow, and education will be the solid foundation. From the white lawyer, to the black businessman, to the international graphic artist, and chickie me. We could have changed the world at last night’s dinner.

I am again inspired to get these initiatives of mine up and going.

Watch this space.

And in the meantime, grow your own, and help me out!


Anonymous said...

I have CV building about you and I put our heads together and find a way to channel those on... Cool? :) Lets make it happen Champs. One person can make a difference in this part of the world...we may have to wring a few necks in the process...but ya! Enough is enough of mere acceptance of ignorance...cause let me tell definately ain't bliss! What you don't know does kill you! In more ways than one it seems...
Great post!

Anonymous said...

email me at

Champagne Heathen said...

Nikita - Really? Your CV building skills are good!? Can I send you my CV and you rebuild it! I am really really bad, I figure.

You & I are making it happen. Albeit (sp?) slowly. Once I am back from the Oceans perhaps we need to get more focused on this though.

You & I have enough skills, knowledge, gutzpah & networks to do a 180 on this continent!!

Anon - have done!

Mozi Esme said...

Sounds like you've got a good thing going on here . . .

Champagne Heathen said...

Aah, well why thank you, and please, stick around. How's one of my favourite cities treating you? Dear old Maputo! I would love to get back there!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Champs, I do have some skills in that area... did a whole course on it during the MBA (personnel recruitment & development)... Send me yours...and lets take it from there... you be the judge... Have re-vamped at least 5 people's CV's, one of them was my father, the one that was submitted to the board when he was being considered for the VP position. As you know...he got it!

I await your CV :) And yes...we are making it happen...slowly but surely!!! Always great the work with you...We give the concept of synergy a new meaning...something long forgotten in our industry.... don't ya think...he,he...