Friday, July 25, 2008

Education Admin

Riddle me this, Batman...

Why is it that when attempting any "easy step-by-step" activity related to administrative/ financial system of a bank or an education institution, the customers, will end up on their help lines at least once while attempting to complete the process??

Does this make sense? Easily not, I am being distracted by kak "line holding" music while waiting for "the next available operator to attend to my call...which is important to them...and I am being patient".

Here is a link to a friend of a friend's blog, who is trying to create dialogue on improving our education systems... I say, Let's just start with getting their admin systems to WORK!!



Anonymous said...

hold music.....*grrrrrrrrrrrr*

Anonymous said...

Haha! Over here we have a different problem. All the call centres are from India. And every time I phone they want to know where I am from. And ask me about the weather. WTF? Weather? Problem is they still play the kak music no matter where you are.