Friday, July 11, 2008

Multiply Choosing Myself

I am horribly sick because:
· I braved Turkish bathes…. and lost;
· I spent 28 hours in airplanes and airports flying home;
· I have gone from 35 humid heat to sub-zero temperatures in less than a week;
· I am not actually sick, but drank too much in a cinema on Tuesday night & ate something bad at yesterday’s conference out of town.

I am the only person in the office right now because:
· There was no electricity this morning and the other staff all went home;
· I couldn’t go home because I don’t have a car today;
· They all did their work while I was being horribly ill at home or attending random conferences in northern Gauteng;
· I am a fucking idiot;
· And they are not.

I am feeling sorry for myself because:
· I am deathly ill;
· I have no car or lunch or money & barely have electricity;
· I cannot feel my toes;
· I am the only person left in the office and still have much work to finish;
· I came back from holiday & back in reality;
· I am a fucking idiot.

At least I am not:
· In flooded Cape Town;
· Throwing up. Yet;
· Osama Bin Laden … I hear he is losing his grip on his terrorising networks. Poor guy, after all those years of work and dedication… they just don’t make fundamentalists like they used to;
· Without this massive jersey and the thick socks today and I do have a warm bed I can dream of fondly;
· In this office, alone, feeling so sick, still without electricity, internet or car.

HAPPY WEEKEND to anyone who also hasn’t yet started theirs.


Anonymous said...

Ai yai yai, chiquita. Get thou home and drink a hot toddy. Hope your weekend improves!

Anonymous said...

Hope u r feeling a little better thn this past weekend. I was locked indoors with My Boy, in bed, yessis, it was cold this weekend.

>>>>Jet Lee

Champagne Heathen said...

Dolce - And home and wine I definitely did get! I was chirpier soon after the vent... so healthy!

Jet Lee - I had a phone call soon after I posted this telling me to cheer up, WTF, he'd come fetch me & take me home to warmth if I just needed that. That (and just venting on this blog) made me happier so quickly. And the weekend was very good. Lots of blankets involved, esp. the human sort!