Monday, July 14, 2008

Perspective for this fkcing cold dark Monday

So, children over 12 can make the independent decision to be tested for HIV and/or start on antiretroviral treatment.

This means they can bypass their conservative parents who do not want to know about such a disease, if they do not want to admit to their parents they are sexually active, or if they have been abused and cannot admit it to/ receive medical support from their primary caregiver. Etcetera.

But they need their parents’ or primary caregiver's consent to take school- or NGO-organised transport to clinics.

Just another fun example of Catch-22 in the lives of people with less.


Anonymous said...

baby steps, hey champers. At least someone is acknowledging that not just grown ups are at risk.

boldly benny said...

Hi Champers

While I see dolce's point, these things upset me - it's a case of making progress and then being pushed backwards!