Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Developed World Point

One of my global brothers has come avistin’.

He arrived and within half a day decided no more reading of SA newspapers. To maintain his insanity.

He has just flown in from a land where his biggest extra-curricular activity has been complaining to the local bus services about the tardiness of their buses – the occasional bus arrives one minute after schedule. And the annual State of the Nation speech involves the Prime Minister pleading citizens to get out more, go on a coupla dates, stop working so hard, and then going into a diatribe of explaining how to dress nicely for the person you are meeting on your next date.

My dear boet also is always filled with comments that make everyone else stop and go, “Oh. Hmm. Excellent point actually”.

He watched the dialogue around our infamous 2010 and then stated, what people don’t seem to get is it is a WORLD Cup. Not a European – slash – Pseudo-European Cup.

No one expects German precision outside of…well…Germany.

Let the African flare be there.

That’s the point.

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