Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Riddle me a birthday

Hey hey. It’s nearly my birthday! (Tomorrow/ Today… read time depending). And I am busier than a prairie dog in a dingo hunt. Wombat like.

[Fok. I don’t even understand me. What the hell was that.]

So to reflect in that half-glassa-wine-on-a-yoga-stomach way. And because I have been banished while he wraps up some gifts:

28. The age of aging. The “I am now “older”. I should have a plan. I should have a clue. HA! Rumour has it that actually I should know less now than what I knew 10 years ago… and all I knew then was don’t wear underwear that bunches when you’re wearing a short tight dress.

I don’t think I even fall into the promiscuous HIV Risk age category anymore. …When did this all happen!?!?! I promise I can be promiscuous! I promise! In that monogamous probably-nearly-married love-my-darling-cute-guy wouldn’t-risk-or-wreck-it-for-any-amount-of-kinky-sex-without-him kinda way.

Where when someone tells me that the Aussie pay their people Oz$9000 when a chick falls pregnant, I pat my womb fondly & think, ‘now, isn’t that luvely”, instead of previous years’ reactions of ‘you mean I have to do WHAT with my womb!?!?!’

It is a strange strange age. Especially that this year I am not even allowed a hangover on the day after it all. Thanks to being all responsible and growing in career (that I am about to give up on to be a bar tart). Work demands barely allow me to note the passing of this day.

I had reflections on what it means to be 28. I forgot them. Somewhere between growing memory loss & distracted by all that life’s batterings & silly lessons.

So, enough of this talk, pass the Guinness, the meeting schedule & the laptop powered with Powerpoint!

Cheers to aging me :)


po said...

Happy brithday. I iz 28 too. Sho, it seems I am meant to know all that?

I can't say I have learned much at age 28 except that I don't want to be 29.

boldly benny said...

Happy birthday - hope you have a positively wonderful day and that your lovely man spoils you with something kinky ;)

# 302 said...

happy birthday! to you and remember itz your day or days depending so go put the happy in it.

The Spear said...

Happy birthday. 2 more years then you are officially old. :)

Robert said...

Fokit! You came back on 29 Jan 09 and didn't tell me.

Robert said...


How can you be a RebornBlogger on 20th January (not the 29th as I mistakenly typed previously) and I don't know about it until a few minutes back and now I have to see your wonderful words and shake of the grieving I went through when you left?

You ask a lot hey! But hell you are worth it. So wtf....hello Champers!

Wow it is good to see you back. Don't ever leave again.

And I might add some skinner from the 3rd day after you stopped the blogs. Did you know what Dolce did?

Ja, serious. I was astonished as hell hey. Anyone else but never did I think that Dolce would. But she did. Ask her.

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks all of you gorgeous folk!

Robaloni - yup! I'm back! I think I tried to tell you! But I am back in the way a phone call from Nepal sounds... very broken...

You mean Dolce & Kyk!?? Naughty Naughty!

ANd now, go and read my other posts & comment away!

DT said...

Happy Belated Birthday Champers! Hope you have an exciting and thrilling year ahead!