Friday, July 31, 2009


So, with anything foreign in life, there is what you are told and then there is reality.

There are the rules that foreigners are told & these rules are made out like they are strictly adhered to. Which results in foreigner after foreigner passing on "the fear" and the "adherence".

Then a bunch of drunken postgrad students laugh about you following such rules and tell you REALITY.

Jaywalking & 4-minute showers are just some such Melburnian examples.


I can shower at will again! AND, enough of this watching the little green man two traffic islands away from me go green while my little pedestrian man stays red. Run across that road, I will!

Not even one week in, and we are searching out ways to "bend" the laws. Africa is truely in my soul.

Progress on:
Apartment - none
Job - none
Flu - still with me
Bones defrosting from South Pole Wind - not likely any month soon
Rain - coming down in buckets! That egg timer is going straight out the double-glazed window!

To comments in the past post:
- you can shower, wash your hair AND shave in 6 minutes. It is possible! With some 'tricks'... like forgetting to turn the egg timer over after 4 minutes, not turning the taps on too full so you "have more time to water ratio" (ha!), and mis'tilting the egg timer;
- nothing really happens if you go over 4 minutes... as in, you don't get the Aussie cops banging down your door or your water turning off & the showerhead withdrawing. You just go up a bracket in how much money you have to pay for water;
- washing your hair in the shower would probably be considered cheating! :P

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boldly benny said...

What a relief about those 4-minute showers - I was concerned for you :)