Thursday, July 30, 2009

Woman Down (Under)

I am here! I am alive! I am woman down with Aussie flu.
Fok dit.
What the hell is this. Sweet fresh foreign lungs for the bastardos to munch off.
This does slightly hinder our apartment search.
But it seems EVERYTHING is & can be done online in Austraaaalia.

So I am able to search from my comfy central-heated squatter location now for a "quaint little 1-bedroom place from Melbourne City to Richmond to St Kilda / Elwood".

Here they price "by week". And until I am employed, our budget is allowing us such an apartment that would be the equivalent to...Parktown/ Hillbrow area?? Damn student poorness!
And apparently, you cannot just times by 4 for the month amount. You have to "times by 52, divide by 12" or some equation.

No job searching till we have a home. Let alone a bed!

It does get daunting. Strange. EXPENSIVE! COLD - what the hell is up with this "south pole wind"!!!

Public transport is not AS easy as London or such.... which was proved with our 5km walk back at 2am in 0 degree temps the other night after our hosts for the night mis-timed our last tram. ...also a possible reason for flu pillaging its way through my weak African body.

But Melbourne really does look beautiful. Definitely lives up to the European rumour. Although, the city centre (Flinders Station) rather makes me feel like I just stepped into the "mining city" part of Gold Reef City.

But now, let me go & have my "four minute egg-timed" shower - severe water restrictions on in this city. Have you ever tried to shower for 4 minutes!!! Now THAT is stressful! and try to start becoming the unemployed domestic goddess.

ooooooo fok.


boldly benny said...

Lordy sounds like lots of new norms to get used to which can be fun and exciting.

I would NEVER cope with the 4-minute shower, however my sister Blue could do shoer olympics, I think she showers for about 90 seconds!

boldly benny said...

PS what happens if you shower for longer than 4 minutes?

DBAWIW said...

I concur with Benny - four minute showers??????? And to wash your hair? Good god!
Benny, Blue must teach us how.
Welcome to Melbourne, how are you feeling about the city? Go have a latte in Port Melbourne for me.
I watched Kath and Kim this weekend which was nice...different...unusual. Do watch it!

po said...

Wow it all sounds new and strange. Well, not the online part cos I do everything online in the UK too. But the water restrictions sound like they would take some getting used to. 4 minutes. Ok doable. I guess you can wash your hair in the basin or something if it takes longer than 4 minutes? I dunno, I guess a boer maak n' plan?