Thursday, August 06, 2009

2 weeks

Two weeks ago I was running around like a mad woman about to get on a plane to fly for two days to arrive here, in Melbourne.

Since then, let’s review, I have:

• Learnt why one does NOT miss the last tram for the night;
• Walked 5 kms in zero degree temperatures to arrive home at 2am;
• Had flu;
• Decided that I have no desire to drive a car for four years;
• Learnt that jeans can be tumble dried;
• Brought termites into our hosts’ house;
• Snuck up a darkened street, while wearing a dark jacket & a beanie pulled down low, carrying other people’s junk back to our home;
• Attended a South African braai before I have attended an Aussie Barbie;
• Learnt to bite my tongue very hard rather than pick arguments about hypocrisy & racism & perspectives when I am in a strange new land;
• Seen “worms in a bucket” and learnt about recycling and making one’s own compost;
• Learnt to shower somewhere in the legally-required region of 4 minutes;
• Walked along the Yarra River;
• Drank many a latte;
• Drank Boag’s Beer & Carlton Beer & some other beers;
• Drank really bad cheaper red wine;
• Learnt that you may as well buy champagne than wine cause they cost about the same;
• Taken advantage of the specials in the shops, on phones, with public transport tickets, in liquor stores, basically everywhere;
• Received two bank cards in the post… and then received the pin numbers for these cards a few days later in the same post;
• Washed, dried & folded my boyfriend’s underwear;
• Learnt the joys & tribulations of central heating, where the duct blows air right onto your sleeping face & pillow;
• Learnt what “a bogan” is;
• Seen a guy get out of his car, not turn it off, yet lock it, and stroll into a shop like everything is normal;
• Realised that trams are REALLY REALLY slow, that it is a really good idea to live near a good bus route and/or train station;
• Decided that Aussies are all very friendly folk… other than the bus drivers;
• Walked into a bar at 3pm so The Boy could use the toilet, only to be greeted by a very bare breasted barlady… while everyone else in the establishment was very much clothed & fairly unaware;
• Told The Boy firmly that we did not need to stop at the bar for a drink at 3pm;
• Learnt what red peppers are called here… and now I forget…capsicum!;
• Decided Aussie radio is REALLY bad;
• Sadly not really been a tourist yet as we try to find our own spot to settle down in first;
• Chosen neighbourhoods we want to live in;
• Seen two possible places to rent;
• And now, most recently… Been rentally rejected!

South African couple? One student, one unemployed? No real history of renting? No real income to speak of. DENIED!

Good times!

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po said...

Good grief, somebody has to accomodate the fact that you are new to the country and just need a place to live! I experienced a similar thing here, in the UK. There are thousands of immigrants, none of us with references, but they all say the same thing. They should have a system for first timers don't you think?