Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lest the lesser lessee lease

Stupid fkcing stupid illogical dumb Melburnian rental agents.

What exactly is the use to put up a property that is “light, spacious, sunny, new & will be snatched up shortly!!!!” on the 1001 sites that is virtual Melbourne, to then reply when an interested party emails to ask about the inspection time (more on THAT in a line’s time), to answer:

“This property is not yet available. The tenants move out in a month’s time. I will get back to you after that”.

Woman!!! I am looking for a place NOW! If I want a place in a month, I will look in a month minus a week. Why would I ask now to be contacted in a month?

As for this system... the poor suffering lessees all go out & about onto the net, find places they’d like to look at, email agents about the “inspection times” and eagerly await replies.

The replies come that on Thursday, for 15 minutes to the dot, 5.15-5.30pm, the property will be open for inspection.

50 people rock up on that day at that time. Trawl about the house. Make sure their name is on some list. THEN, hand over application forms, leave, and again, eagerly wait.

The lessor then goes through the application forms & choses the person s/he most likes the read of & offers the place.

Voila! So so “simple”.

Apparently being a student and/ or unemployed does not bode well for your application form. And you should attach letters of reference en alles.

I. Am. Screwed.

So far we haven’t even tracked down a place that is open for inspection this week! All up for inspection sometime around spring, available to be moved in sometime around summer. Or some such nonsense.

What happened to the good old Jo’burg days where you picked up the Rosebank Gazette, read the TINY ad in the corner by some hysterical woman renting out a flat, phoned & arranged to meet said hysterical woman within half an hour. Met her. Walked around the apartment twice, enjoying viewing the spot in the privacy of your own time. Said you’d think about it. Slept. Awoke. And had signed the dotted renting line before you’d gotten to work the next day.

Now THAT was a system that worked!

Seriously. Am I ever going to have my own place again or be a scavenger of others’ couches for four years.

P.S. Chairs have been taken by other some poor “hard waste” suckers. Enjoy your termites boys.


boldly benny said...

Glory what a bloody pain! References, waiting, lists - I definitely prefer Jozi's ad hoc system :)

Champagne Heathen said...

And now it seems we can't even get past the application stage. This does not bode well! Although, neither of us were THAT keen on the place we applied for. But still! I hate rejection!