Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aussie Positivity

And then it feels like the planets just realign. Or Karma finally says, “Ok, you’ve had enough negativity for now, lets add some positivity to this tale” and works her magic.

And the atmosphere around you changes.

Let alone several very sweet people, including some dear strangers, trying to work their magic to get me employed…

The woman from that Aussie company working for African charities has fought with her superiors to secure me back in the applicants list.

I want to just kiss her Aussie cheeks!

Which cheeks, I guess, depends on how well I get through the aptitude tests and interviews.

Maybe it was my spamming “But WHY don’t you want me” email campaign. Perhaps she found this blog & was reduced to tears of guilt. Or maybe she is just a good person like that.

Then, an out-of-the-blue random job I applied for – in that last minute reshuffle-a-cover-letter-&-email-in-the-CV- way - came back within a weekend and requested a meeting. The man found my cv “interesting”.

And this is a man to be reckoned with. Working for a company to be awed. A quick googling yesterday turned into hours of reading and feelings of intimidation.

So off I hobbled this morning at sun-break for a “coffee” meeting.


It’s been a LONG while since these feet found themselves steering highheels on pavements. Only for me to walk straight past the office because I couldn’t really believe they are based in THAT company’s building. Seriously? Suits & finance people? And me???? And I can sit on a topper floor doing good??

I had to recheck my make-up in restaurant windows several times to ensure I did not look like a clown with badly applied make up. There amongst the rich folk.

He pretty much said that the job would not suit me. I’d be banging my head against the desk in boredom within a few months. Personal Assisting is not my place anymore. But he found my CV so interesting that he wanted to meet with me. And to fight for me to get a good job in the industry, because it needs impressive passionate people like me.

"Look. I know you can do this job. But I don't think you should be doing this job. But that doesn't mean it ends here & I leave you in the lurch".

Then I wanted to just kiss his Aussie cheeks.

He also told me that one of the companies that interviewed me ages ago & rejected me has a bad reputation anyway. (Funny how that works out. You tell yourself that at the time, but you don’t really believe it).

But now, that my feet are free from their arched straps, I best be getting back to job applying. Because as sugar sweet as this all is. I still have not signed on any dotted line and not secured anything. Other than 2 hours wages from today’s babysitting.


Dboasuidfpkleruwefasm said...

That most definitely counts as what is commonly known as 'a good day'. Shot, bru! Good things ahead.

boldly benny said...

That sounds very positive! Good luck and thinking of you - sending you positive vibes :)

john dodds said...

Keep kissing cheeks.

po said...

Holding thumbs for you!

Champagne Heathen said...

Thank you all you sweet people. I didn't get this secretary job, and I haven't heard back from the other company yet about how the aptitude tests went, and all in all, I am exhausted and would prefer a holiday from this all, but... me & the possum plod on, each with our kak fermented berries in hand. :)