Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Congress of The Unemployed

Employment continues to evade me.

My determination to get something signed by the time the sponsored holiday HOME (!!!!) came along has failed.

And I am slowly psychologically accepting defeat & become ready to accept any job. “Secretary Champs Two Thousand And Ten”.

It’s not that I think I am “too good” to be a secretary or some such snobbish bullshite. It’s just that I feel I have worked so hard at my tertiary studies and career movements to throw it all in indefinitely to a “job to get by”.

This will be a job. Not a career.

Yesterday was a particularly rude rejection that left me crying on a bus because of how stupid their email made me feel. It had come from the company that offered me hope of a job working with African charities, took it back abruptly, put me back on the short list, and took me off again with no word to me until I followed up, then came back pretty much declaring that I was an idiot to imagine I would make the interview round. Why are the gatekeepers to my industry so lacking in compassion!?

Yesterday I was the freak on your bus.

Last night The Diamond Hunter (I think it is about time he had a better term than “The Guy” and it was his original nickname from my brothers) received some mail about joining a union. This sparked a fascinating interest in me…

CH: That’s it! I am making my own union. Congress of The Unemployed!
DH: And what exactly are you guys going to do, Champs? Sit around and have a collective mope about not having jobs?
CH: YES! Damn straight! And then, when someone has received a particularly rude or unfair rejection we will go and protest outside that company’s offices. I will show these Aussie unemployed folk how to dance & disrupt in true protest style!

By this stage Diamond Hunter was ignoring me to do something employed-person related, while I day dreamed of sweet collective support, through the means of a socialist tool. Oh the worker-irony.

CH: Yes! Disruption and discord to the daily runnings of employing companies! That will be our focus! Though, this is not to say I, as Chairperson, will be against any forms of “gifts” from the richer companies, to keep us away from them. Not some petty $3.20 coffee, mind you, I am talking big sweet bucks here, of all the rainbow colours my unemployed eyes have yet to see.

I will then distribute these funds amongst the union members. We will find release from our stress by protest dancing, and find support & sustainability through “gifts”!

Surely it is not blackmail if you are unemployed?


Dbawooooooooooooo said...

"Yesterday I was the freak on your bus."

sorry man. Really.
I would, however, join your union were I unemployed as it sounds like fun. And I'm all for 'gifts'.

boldly benny said...

I want to join - pick me, pick me!

# 302 said...

now that you a lady of leisure you should write them a little piece.

work ain't any fun either I'll have you know - if you are wondering.

# 302 said... - sorry this site - my lady of leisure

# 302 said...

I wanna hear a melbourne take on this da'cord!