Saturday, December 05, 2009

ExPat vs. Immigrant

This appeared in last Friday's mX - the free daily newspaper that people read on Melbourne trains, trams and buses....

There MAY have been sms'd in, in response... I wouldn't know... I don't manage to see the mX too often out here in my neck of the woods.

"Expat (mX, Fri), yours words are shameful and counter-productive to the millions of people working so hard to make South Africa and 2010 successful. Visitors to South Africa, remain as vigilant as you would in any new big global city, but don't think twice about visiting! You'll fall in love with our energy & positivity and be part of our development - Safely South African"

My country might have a lot of nonsense, but that does not give you the right to tell unknowing people to not visit it and experience it for themselves! Every single time you do, and every time you bad mouth my country, you insult the people I love, the emotions I hold, the people who care for me, and the incredible work being done by so many people of every demographic. My country change daily, and unless you were there, in the centre of it all, not just passing through your parents' home five years ago, hold your tongue and MOVE ON politely.

Hell, the Aussie plumber even told me this week about two of his mates who moved over to South Africa, (not together, two incidents), because they went to visit & fell in love with SA and have no intentions of coming back here.

HA! Suck on that Expat! I am the irritation in the Negative Expats' side!

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