Monday, January 25, 2010

Jetlagged love & resolve

If you don’t want to miss home, do not go home!



The past month was too good. And it wasn’t just that it was home.


Maybe it was.

But it is also because I love Africa. I love Southern Africa. I love all that is the chaos, the diversity, the contrasts, the personalities, the reality-in-your-face, the burst bubble and challenges and smiles and passion that goes with that.

To not drive my mind across the brink though, I have to forget about that for now. Now being for four years.

FOUR YEARS. What will I miss!?! Will my “Self” survive this bland safe bubble-ness. I keep asking, thinking, fearing that I will get sucked in, and lose myself. But I also need to not think it, to keep my sanity for this year.

I am back in Oz. Determined to beat this damn continent. Win it over & make it fall desperately in love me. Charm it with my all! ….after a quick stint recovering from jetlag on the couch watching the Oz Open.

So to 2010 and its consequential 10 resolutions:

1. Find a job
Who would’ve thought this one would appear. Here. Ha!

2. DO those art classes that I have been threatening to do for the past year
Even if the left side of my brain is rotting away with each rejected job application, at least I can steroid up the right side!

3. Write a book
This experience has to lead me to money in SOME way. Why not some cheesy chick lit book that promises to be the “Next Sex in The City meets Bridget Jones after one too many Devil Wears Prada’s”!

4. Carve my own space in this town
The only way to keep my form of sanity is to make it my own.

5. Sit up Straight
My spine just can’t cope with the C shape anymore. And my growing tummy definitely should not be allowed to cope with the C-shape anymore!

6. Walk 2 kilometres a day
When the fkc did I write this one!? What hellish concoction lead my brain to think this one up during the New Year’s Day Zone!?

7. Keep up better contact with wide range of friends
I am admitting recluse defeat. It was such a lovely few years of relative solitude though.

8. One crazy travel trip!
18 hours on no sleep in Singapore on Wednesday might almost count though! But if there is not a Scandinavian and/or some painful hungover flight where I consume all perishables on board, it does not count.

9. Less Facebook!!
With reclus’ism must go voyeurism. It is not real. It is silly. It is not reality.

10. Recover from jetlag with afternoon stints on the couch watching pro tennis

At least I know one will be achieved before today’s sunset!


Dbawiw iwiwiwiwiwi said...

Good plans, lassie! How about an autographed copy when you do publish someday, eh?

Caz said...

Congrats on achieving NYR #10 - that is fantastic!! you are 10% of the way there and its only January!!!

po said...

Arrgh you are telling me the way not to miss home is to not go home. I just got back and now I am a raincloud of misery.

Holding thumbs for the job search!

Caz said...


Champagne Heathen said...

DBAWIAWIWY - For you? But of course! But no telling me if/ that its crap afterwards. It doesn't matter if its crap... as long as it makes me money!

Caz x2 - :) Thanks for the Happy Happy Aussie Day... it did actually go very well & improve my mood about the place. Dammit!

Let's see if I can get past 10% of the goals!

Po - And I am sure your weather helps in no way. At least I still have sun. I recommend to you to immediately go on another holiday, but this time to make it in the northern hemisphere to celebrate winter... say, to a ski resort...!! THAT cures any January blues!