Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photographic Summarising

Because I have run out of verbal inspiration. Actually, I think I've just completed my final batch of words for 2009. And I don't need to think till some stage in 2010. Here is life by photos. Well, not all of life, cause I am forgetting to be a tourist. But. Here are some photos.

I would've put up some photos of The Diamond Hunter's Sheep Sheering experiences but he appears to have (wisely?) locked his camera from me lifting photos. Not sure how he did that.

Now for the photos.

Flinders Station. The station to upstage all stations. 100 years and counting. You haven't been to Melbourne if you haven't been to Flinders Station... well, don't I just sound like a 1950s Jazz Croooner...
Champs gets closer & closer to the Aussie outback. Blue Gums, 37 degrees, & dirty water! Now lets find me a croc....
Kookabura sitting in some old tree. La la laa ddee. Cookoboura. Kokakabura. Bugger it. Big fat Aussie bird. Parking off In a tree. That Aussie blokes with banjos like to sing about...
And Talking about singing... Busking. Anywhere anytime... The new plan is that I'm gonna be his back-up singer if this job thing still doesn't materialise... Dooopp Doooopp Peee Dooooo

4x4'ing. Bluddy fkcing hell. Have you been 4x4'ing. The mission IS to get stuck in the mud!
Then the 4x4'ing got scary. Spooky woods... with freaky things carved onto them...and blood (or tree gum, whatever) dripping from them.
Serene camping view one way....Aaaaaahhhhhhhh
Parking lot view the other way.....
Winnipago Conference 2009 hits the camping world, and we got to fall asleep under the stars to the whirling of someone's onboard toilet!
Can you see who this is!? Hey hey! Are you jealous yet! I'll give you a clue... "Can't find a better maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.........."
"Will you damn rock mob get the hell out of here already!!!!'
Etihad Stadium just could not get rid of us. 2 1/2 hours later. Ben Harper on one guitar, Eddie on the other... The lights came on but the boozed rockers kept singing.
Back to some Flinders shots... This time "with Tram" YEHAYEHAEH. Man, this shot would've been better in focus.
"Meet you under the clocks" or some other cheesiness. Clocks of departing train lines. Very important. Very bluddy stressful. You still have to get through the ticket things & a thousand people, across a station, down useless escalators and onto your platform.... Renaming this shot: "Champs' Fitness Regime"
Merry Merry Christmas from Melbourne!
Some other photo moments:


po said...

You saw PEARL JAM???!

Actually I just bought tickes for PEarl Jam for next yar. Can. Not. wait to hear that incredible voice.

fuzzy logic said...

Have you seen the guy in the chicken suit?

Champagne Heathen said...

Po - Indeed I did! It was BRILLIANT! And they were accompanied by Ben Harper!! Brilliant Brilliant. I particularly enjoyed that they just slugged away at bottles of wine during their show!

Fuzzs! Ha ha. Not yet. But I will look out for them. Today though, I did see a troop of brides heading down towards Flinders Station for some unknown reason...???

ATW said...

nice pic - but come back home - we miss you

Anonymous said...

keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice and relax day!..................................................

Champagne Heathen said...

ATW - :) I miss home too. Too much. This is not good. I really wonder if I am meant to be here. This place is too strange...or is that "too normal"???

But I think I'll wait till all those road works in Gauteng are done though! Too stressful!!