Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 Awesome Things

In the spirit of 1000 Awesome things, and to get the mood Up Up Up (ohgod, I think I now have an 80s Lounge toon in my head…)…

Here are my 5 Awesome Things of the moment:

1. Catching water in your mouth in the shower

I don’t know why this one thrills me. But it does. That’s the point of awesome little things I guess. Small pleasures.

Maybe it’s because my boyfriend got some tropical disease from a similar act. And then the dangers of it were immortalised a scene in Mexico in the SEX & THE CITY movie.

Because you just can’t suip on and spurt about clean fresh water everywhere in the world, so when you can, and when you do…. It’s gooood.

And it’s the closest I get to regular waterfalling.

2. Slippers

I hate winter. I love good slippers.
Good ones, thick, balls of fluff on your feet, couldn’t wear them on a summer evening. Reaaaaal slippers.
I have been that person who has worn them to a university exam.
I am wearing them right now.
There’s not much else you need to say about them. You just gotta wear them.

3. “Just One Drink” Mistake Big Nights

Should we stop here for a quick beer?
Sure thing! Just one though.

And as you reach the last tasty sips of your one glass, the great convos you’ve delved into mean you can’t just stop it all right there…and so you order just one more “Sure, another!, but just one more, ok”…. And 5 hours later you two have knocked back your bank account in tasty beverages, you now know most of the people in the pub, you’ve sung your heart out to the best tunes, maybe done a dance stint on the bar counter, you guys have solved the world’s problems in the interim of waiting for a 5th jug of beer or next cocktail on the menu, maybe you’ve ended up in the Camps Bay Life Guard house drinking port with strangers, maybe you’ve kept it tame enough to not have moved on from establishments, but all you know is the convos have been excellent and the laughs only doubling by the half hour. You don’t have any photos of it, cause you didn’t think the night was going to turn out like this.

And at some stage - but nowhere near yet - you and your mate might have to face reality & tomorrow.

4. Good Camembert on Good Baguette. Only.

Not just any old could-have-found-this-in-any-corner-of-the-world baguette, but the kind that would make a grown Frenchman cry. Bringing tears to his eyes as he is reminded of the home of his childhood. One that is crisp, fresh, you would devour it in a split minute if you weren’t sharing & had a whole wheel of delicious gooey ripe smelly cheese to plaster all over it.

The moment is only made better when there is a lack of cutlery, and you have to slather it on with either a trusty credit card or your fingers.


5. The sun hitting a comfortable lying space.

This could be your bed. A couch. Even a carpeted piece of floor. All it requires is getting horizontal. Not much comes close to being able to lie in the sun, especially when it is Antarctic-Stole-My-Nipples cold outside. But in that block of sun, it is oh so toasty.

And…wow… look at that… did I have nothing to do for the next half an hour… oh, and look, is that my good book so close at hand… Noooooothing better.

Until your dog comes along, finds you lying in his patch of sun, gives you a groot slobbering lick & stands on you!

5 Awesome Little Things that make my days better


po said...

Hmmmm, camembert. Hmmmmm, sun. Slippers I don't have.

Is it very cold in Melbourne?

Champagne Heathen said...

It went from 28 degrees two weeks ago to 18 degrees last week. And this week promises 12 degree days. week might promise 39 degrees for I know with this crazy weather! But apparently it has been the hottest April in years... ooooo fok.