Monday, May 03, 2010

Time To Smile Better People

I am becoming addicted to Xavier Rudd.

This first video is one of my favourites:

Better People

A fellow South African mate described him as Australia’s “Johnny Clegg”. I’d liken him more to Ben Harper. But all in all, he isn’t either. He’s pretty unique. And lovely. And infectious.

You just want to dance, and hug, and love everyone. To fight for rights – in an "it's all good" embracing way. To understand all people. And to smile!

I got to watch him in concert on Friday night. Which was made even more special by his clever collaboration with two South African guys – Izintaba.

Me, my SA mate, and her bunch of dodgy Aussies & Kiwis danced up a storm of chaos… which I of course ululated all over. A stage set with the South African flag & the Aboriginal flag.

I am re-inspired to try get myself into the Outback & experience. Especially after chatting to The Guy last night as he told me he has been having the most incredible conversations with Aboriginal Elders & he really wants to try sneak me along next time…

“Is that a Sheila in your swag or are you just packing some extra weight for those chilly desert nights?”

And so… to spread the infection, and to cheer anyone up on a chilly season-changing Monday morning, watch this video:

Time To Smile

Really. Choosing between To Love or To Hate, why would you choose the latter.


po said...

Awesomeness! I'm loving that second one very much, my take is that it's a bit Gracelandish but special all in its own way :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Indeed Po! So much fun & slight cheese, but cheese is always necessary.

I am looking forward to properly listening to the other 'less cheesy' songs on his new album. Its set to appear in my cd-driver any day now!