Wednesday, April 21, 2010

90 days

I know the other day I posted about Mbeki & at time just getting what he was on about in exploring other avenues than only "western medical science" when combatting HIV & AIDS in a Southern African context.

My points were about Choice & about Holistic Healthcare... about Holistic Care & Support & Treatment of the health issue.

I am not sure if it came through heavily enough in the post; but I will never ever deny the benefits of ARVs. I won't. I particularly won't when the treatment comes with a home-based carer to support the patient in their treatment. Yet, a hands-on carer is a human-resource heavy option. This means, distressingly, it is not an option from everyone on treatment or everyone needing treatment.

I saw this ad the other day (and cried my little eyes out just because, because, for me)... I've always loved TOPSY's work.

Doesn't it just make you smile at the end.

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