Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let’s Move It Along People

There is this delectable moment when you realise that you have moved on.

Whether it’s from a group of friends, from a way of living, from a job, or simply from one stage of life to another.

This moment is happening for me now.

What I clung to, which had let go of me many months ago, is no longer that relevant, that enticing, that needed by me anymore.

10 months down the line, and I do not hanker back. The “me” now would not slot back neat & tight.

Friends that were just acquaintances have faded into the wings. Issues that were only daily now escape my passion. Routines have been upheaved and dumped on their heads (and strangely, some of what I wished for then has been realised now).

What is left after the sifting is gaining infinite value. While people and events are now seen in a long-term lens.

And suddenly I have connection to this “Here” and my daily life “Now”. There are inside jokes, there’s dark alley knowledge, and a calmness of saying, I can live here now without guilt of not living there now.

It is the moment when you get to reclaim your “now” from your fear and nostalgia and realise you get to love tumbled-up moments again and own whatever happens from here.


DT said...

I want that moment. I hope I recognise it and appreciate it as well as you have. Must be a very satisfying feeling.I am so happy for you!:)

Champagne Heathen said...

All in good time. And the amounts of time I'd been told by other folk about how they reached it SO much faster than me. Ha to them! HA HA! I got here anyway, all in my good old entertaining self-enlightening time.

I hope yours either comes quickly or entertaingly... preferably both!