Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moment of Crazy

Have you ever wanted to be the crazy person on the train?

Shout whatever out-of-the-blue statement suddenly leaps into your head as you watch the crowd trying to blend into one another during peak-hour transporting.

How would they react?


There’s a freedom in craziness.

And the more people consider you to be crazy and off the norm, the freer you are to act and do what you would like.

To really reach your aspirations, like pack a small bag and heading off to Afghanistan, when offered work there.

Although, I don’t know if I completely agree with the idea of crazy people’s freedom. Because many of the folk on the train who are being crazy have a distressed look in their eye. I should know, I am quite happy to be the person sitting next to the crazy person.

Sitting next to. Not sitting as.

But one morning, one lovely crazy morning, I am going to just shout out that sudden thought, slogan, dry joke or lyric in my head. And watch as nothing happens. Cause no one wants the freedom that the crazy person is offering.


In other news, Aussie police are supposedly calling for Australians to get themselves off Facebook because a girl was murdered, and her murderer had stalked her through Facebook.

And here I thought stalking and murder and fcked-up people had long since existed before the global devouring of Facebook.

Next thing, cops will be telling us not to go to bars after dark! Madness!

Although, when you consider this, means that they are condoning drinking in the day.

And I am all for drinking in the day.

Allows you to realise your crazy side on public transport on the way home…


po said...

Eh, it's called privacy settings people and it takes two minutes to make your profile private.

Anyhoo, I AM the crazy person on the train. IT's just that nobody realises it, mwaha.

Champagne Heathen said...

But privacy settings can't keep you controlled by the paranoid government!

Is that the echo on the wind of "Nanny State".

You gotta make them realise Po! Make them skrik & realise!