Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seven Random Champers’ Facts

So MammaMeeA recently gave me some blog love. A Versatile Blogger Award!
Why thank you lovely lady!

And then she demanded me to expose to however many people pass here seven devilishly delightful things about myself.

So… everything you never needed to know, and a whole lot more!


1. I have a job interview in a few weeks. I received the phone call on Tuesday afternoon when I was more than slightly boozed touring the wine country of Melbourne’s outer regions. Thankgawd I did not actually answer that phone call! I am quite amped about this job, although a mate has warned me it has the potential to be a whole lot of problems & lacking in love.

2. I am scared of monkey people. As in people dressed up to look like half monkey/half human. This obviously stems from watching the original PLANET OF THE APES very late at night as a very little kid. Loved ones treat this with the empathy you can expect from my loved ones… and thoroughly enjoy playing on this phobia! By letting me settle into some tv watching & suddenly pressing play to a carefully-paused part of the PLANET OF THE APES dvd. To which I scream in fear. And they laugh their heads off.
Or by giving me gifts of monkey dolls that squawk. That I still own, for some sordid reason.
A whole lotta Circle of Love!

3. When I started this blog, many many buzzlightyears ago, I held onto a whole lot of unresolved issues. I wonder if these issues would still be with me if I didn’t have this blog to publicise & discuss out this crap with the unknown world. I really wonder why it took talking to strangers to get me to deal with that shite. What once enslaved me & my mind barely passes through my concerns anymore. And I love that realisation. AND! It was all financially free.

4. I have no intention of settling in Australia for the rest of my life. But I don’t really know what I want to happen when 3 ½ years here is up. Melbourne, to me, is like Jo’burg Northern Suburbs, with a whole lot more multi-culturalism, trains and footy. And less water shortages, family, and people talking loudly in the streets when I am waking up (and I miss that so much! It is just too quiet here!). This place has grown on me, but it is far from who & what I love at the root of me.

5. I fkcing hate cold weather. I have a mental block against the phenomenon. I sit there, with my legs wrapped around an oil heater, saying “I can feel it in my bones…. the cold is in my bones!!” as I pull a K-mart sleeping bag more tightly around me. I really do move less, think less, want to do less when the day is cold. And I really think I should get over it.

6. I like to drink milo & instant coffee, in one cup, together, in the afternoons.

7. I have always prided myself on being such an independent woman. I can take on the world intellectually, socially & emotionally. But I can’t cook. And I have always had a financial safety net. And I think I have been kidding myself on this independence because of those two factors. Independence means having more rather than less control over the factors that could change your life in the next hour or day.
Now, while I realise that the independence was fairly fake & superficial, I take it as a challenge, to get that Independence that I always used to believe that I had. (While staying in a loving relationship with a man that just wants to provide for us, in all ways)

Voila! Some nonsense about me!

Now I must tag some folk, for any unaware blog readers to be able to increase their happy blog exposure:

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Patchwork said...

Oooh lucky lucky me indeedy! Thanks Champs. :)

DBAWIW said...

Ah ta muchly, mate!
I did so enjoying learning them new things about you, thanks!

Spear The Almighty said...

Thanks, maybe I'll get 2 hits a day now. :)

Cam said...

Thanks Champs!

Good luck for the Job interview, hope they not monkey people :)

po said...

Why thank you. Can't say I ever really thought about monkey people before.

The cold thing though, maybe all it takes is a strong mind, but it takes a mind far stronger than my own. I've been stuggling with the cold for 7 years now and I just accept the fact that I hate it and I suffer in it and my life is so much better when I am warm. I blame growing up in Durban.

Champagne Heathen said...

Pleasure, Pleasure, Pleasure, Pleasure, and Pleasure!

Now get 7-Uping!

john dodds said...

I hadnt read the issues post before. I have now. Wow.

Champagne Heathen said...

John - ha ha, is it as angry & ranting as I recall! I so much prefer being through & far from that now!

SonnyVsDan said...

Hey Miss Heathen, thanks for the tag, I didn't realise that you did that. way back in May! I should do something about it. And check out those other guys blogs. I have certainly come across some of them before and liked them but not made regular visits back. I shall have to change that...

Champagne Heathen said...

SvD - Good stuff & I look foward to your list!! And to catching up on your life, I glanced over it & see I have much to catch up on!