Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clean & Lace

The guy is back in town!


This required a few days of pre-cleaning.

Hellloo sparkling bathtub!

I am not entirely comfortable with the great beaming pride I have been feeling for this accomplishment. Between me and a trusty sponge, historic cleaning times of past tenants have finally been damn-tiringly now erased. But surely I should have been more excited with, say, getting distinctions for university subjects or being asked to present my knowledge in workplaces. Instead though, I can now stand & stare at the white that is a bath and think, ‘Yes, I brought that colour back!”

But I don’t, ok. Not all day, anyway. Standing, staring, at a bathtub that I cleaned, back to health, with my own two hands, and a sponge. Moving on….

And then there were a few days of shopping, for food, beer, wine, and good underwear. Ensuring that there were a few decent “outfits” in order and ready for action to remind the boy what he’d been missing.

I’m not entirely sure why though… considering he has been living with only 4 other blokkie beer-swilling (if they were allowed to in those parts) meat-ripping unshowered men for the past 5 weeks. Any underwear that I put on would’ve been likely to send him crazier than a monk clicking onto ETV after weekends’ 11pm (SBS for Aussies)

Well. And then he was here. And none of you prying eyeing lot need to read about that part!

He’ll be cruising about, him and his swag of red sand & beard of Outback pride, for another week and a half. And then he is gone again. Into the abyss that is the ‘Stralian Desert.

Strange who we become in our excitement of someone’s return. This time round made me into a 1950s Suburbia Woman.

I can’t wait to see who I’ll turn into when he arrives back after his next stint!

MamaMeeA, I hear you, and I’ll be 7-Uping tomorrow! Thanks for the gorgeous compliment!


po said...

Hahaha it sounds like he was happy to see you and vice versa! Sorry he has to leave you again though.

Champagne Heathen said...

Ja, it is kak. Just as everything gets settled, he'll be gone again! But I might sneak myself into his swag for one of them & that would be incredible... in the way that no toilet for 5 weeks in icy desert temps is incredible. Hmmm.

Dbaiwiwiwiwiwiwi said...

No more Norwegian wine, then?

Champagne Heathen said...

No, the damned Norwegian flew North for the heat ages ago. And the wine bottles were pretty much empty before she even touched down near "Brizzy"!