Thursday, May 20, 2010

Logic. Now at a Uni near you

Aaaaah, logic.
One of the greatest Holy Grails of humankind.

It escapes all of us, most of the time.

Especially such logic as:

"It costs the country millions of rands to fight crime ... maybe bring back the death penalty. Why is Zimbabwe safer, why is Botswana a safer country? It's because they have the death penalty," Lourens Hamman said angrily.

Ah, but, Botswana also has a diamond-based economy. Perhaps it’s that.
Zimbabwe is a pinball failing state. Perchance there is a connection there.
Both countries are so much closer to homogeny than South Africa. What does that do for one’s ability to think before you murder.
Both countries are landlocked. Who knows! Maybe it’s the ports that create the murderers!

There is a monumental leap of assumptions, so wide, in Mr Hamman’s statement that even Evil Knievel might not dared have chance it.

Incredibly, comparative politics is considered to be a science. Even if a social version. Y’know, studied by us folk who struggle more than a pizza to feed a family of four once we graduate.

And because it is a science, this means, if you don’t know the formulae, have the tools, and wear thick gloves & goggles, you’re either going to lose an eye, just create sludge, or in cases like this… get it so wrong that hysteria is what comes foaming out of the deductive test tubical logic.

Please please please can laymen stop comparing Zimbabwe and South Africa, politically.

"Ho hum. Yes. Look. One man of one race went manic & wouldn’t let go of power & so took farms away in a violent & unjust way from inhabitants of that land that had another skin colour.
There is a man, next door, of that same colour (and because “I” only judge on colour, I am not going to look further into their similarities AND EVEN their differences). He is also the leader of people. AND! Even! At times the word “land” is uttered through his lips. Or rather through the lips of ministers in his government.
OBVIOUSLY! This will mean the same thing will happen!"


"I read in my daily tabloid newspaper that someone was murdered within my country.
I have not read in my daily tabloid newspaper of any murders in that other country.
This must mean there are no murders in that other country!

Who needs thorough research & years of peer reviewing when I have selective sensational journalism & lazy thinking on which to base my hysterical public statements. RAH!

Rah indeed.

Logic. It is taught at a university near you. You should perhaps sign up.

Meanwhile. I support the protest against crime. I do not support the logic reported on here (granted, it does look like a fairly sensational reporting style, so I won’t base a thesis on my thoughts to this protest). And I do not support the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Let alone flawed logic. Great leaps of assumptions that people who murder consider the punishment before they do so. And lack of research that shows the death penalty holds any of the benefits that supporters of it believe there to be.

Because, I think you have to be full of a whole lot of hate to wish another human to be killed. Or you do not view that person as human. And that reflects you, and issues you should deal with in yourself, not that other human and the issue they should deal with in them… not that they could, cause they would be dead, on your superior wishes.


Cam said...

Hi Champs,

Botswana don't have police, the milatary govern and a enforce the countries short, their citizens just shit themselves if they do anything wrong.

Good point tho.

Funny thing is half our criminals are illegal immigrants from Zim or Mozams...or Ugly Nigeria.

MeeA said...

I think you rock, so I've given you a Versatile Blogger award:

SonnyVsDan said...

i sentiment on the death penalty!

And ironically, I think the same people you are having a go at might misinterpret your post as a vote of stuff.

Champagne Heathen said...

Cam - but exactly! on your point about the Bots' means for law & order!

There are so many factors of another's country's political, economic & social systems that do not resemble our own and many of us do not know about or consider. And so some layman cannot go lightly comparing two countries & offhandly throwing about that what happened to 1 will OBVIOUSLY happen to another, or if this country just follows what that county does with the change of ONE factor, then it will have the same outcome.

MamaMeeA - Thank you sweet lady! I will respond properly tomorrow!

SonnyVsDan - Gotta screw with their minds! Always more fun, and a better way to influence than right out attacking!