Friday, October 27, 2006

I couldn't be arsed to think up a title

I have bugger all to say today. So you can just move along and go onto the next blog. Thank you.
But should you choose to read my random grouchy grumblings, well then, go ahead I guess. But it is all going to be about how useless I am as a sweatshop kid. Honestly, the damn kid never wants to stop eating & drinking & so never has money for rent & he (I?) really need glasses cause everything keeps getting blurry by Day 2. Useless. Bluddy damn useless.

And about how I am watching this useless weather make such a screwed up poor assed attempt to rain. Really. Build some decent damn rain bluddy clouds and just pour down and relieve us all already. Useless clouds.

And how I now have a phone number of a guy in Hillbrow who helps out streetkids. And that there are streetkids of streetkids. Who are clever and cheeky and have fck-all chance in life. Cause that’s dumb useless life. I’d kick it in the shin right now if I could. Bugger.

And I am going to read up on some trauma course done in Uganda through Columbia varsity. Or something. I don’t know. I skim read the email and got bored of the effort of reading. Then I looked at those pathetic clouds again. Bugger it.

But the soup @ Cranks was great as usual. As were the free sugar-empowered shooters cause they love me. Or rather cause I love them & keep them running with my bank balance. And even the convo when the owner told me to sod off already & stop frequenting his restaurant so much as he is trying to get out of the business and doesn’t need dumb supporters of the whole screwed-up game. Clever man. Grouchy like me. I like him.

I don’t think this mood is helped by 3 of my darling good friends all having had CRAP nights last night. Friend 1’s dad is beyond sick and I was trying to help find out names of good cardiologists so she can get him there asap. Fcking life & death rubbish can just play its games elsewhere and not around those I love. Or my other friend just walking around the streets of his neighbourhood late last night cause he had a massive fight with The Hubby. And I was about to fetch him to find a place serving midnight chocolate cocktails when they decided to talk it out. Good. I think. Stupid confused Hubbies. Or that another friend is sitting a million miles away in pain & confusion about why her relationship just ended. Fck it. Where is a private jet when I fkcing need one. Argh.

If any of you who have absurdly chosen to read this far through my random rant actually know me, then you can just keep all the recently exposed info in that last paragraph to yourself. Thank you very much. Bluddy talking people.

At least in 6 hours I am going to be in a massive room of wine & winefarmer & wineselling friends who have come to visit to get me drunk in a very public manner. Sweet of them. And if wine can’t make you happy, at least it makes you one amusing fkcing grouchy person.

Now I am done, so you can bugger off, thank you.

P.S. And now my i-pod just ran out of its half-arsed battery and I am forced to listen to arbitrary convos of my useless colleague. Painful. I think I will throw something at her. Maybe it will help the random irritation that is today.


fly said...

happiness is today :o)

its friday ms....cheer up ;o)

Revolving Credit said...

Fuck, you can talk a lot of shit for someone who has nothing to say???

Sounds like what you need to do is go for a full body massage. Works wonders - leave you feeling all rested for the weekend ahead.

Anonymous said...

shititty brickitty! Sorry that your day has been one blah one!

Mmm, what can I say...I've actually also been at a loss of words today...blah! Can't even begin to think of something interesting to write about on my blog!

But hey, it's the weekend, you're going out with mates & you live in gorgeous South Africa...a bit of fuck-ups here & there...but it's gorgeous none-the-less! Nowhere else I'd rather be!

So smile, be grateful that you have an iPod (poor streetkids) & just charge it a little later when you get home! Enjoy the weather, since winter was long & oh-so cold!

ps: I'd lend you my jet if I had one!

fly said...

and look on the bright least you can post...

I wrote this beautiful peice about the old club scene, remincing etc...took me about an hour...then blogger spazzed out and I lost it all... :oD

Clearly it was just not meant to be....

Anonymous said...

Yay Friday and WINEX!
Even when you don't have much to say, you say it well!

Champagne Heathen said...

Fly - it will be Friday in 5 hours. Then never will I grin so wide. Or is that big? Man, as for losing your post. I'd kick my dumb stupid short-minded computer!! argh. Anyway...that's why I write my posts in word 1st. Well, that & my inability to spell without spellcheck.

Rev - you just go & read Jam's comment about me writing things well! Ha!
And yes, full body something would probably be a great answer to my mood today!

Kabs - never ever tell a grumpy chick why she should be happy!!! You could always take my mom's tactic & just laugh at me. Or my dad's & tease me. Or my friends' & clear out for several hours. But when I am grouchy, I thrive on my grouchiness, and sit smirking @ being pssed off. Aaah, what a normal chick am I!

Jam - Aaaah, thanks! Actually saying that might be one way to make me a little less grumpy! See you when Friday officially starts!

Dave said...

I can't be ASKED, not ARSED!!!!! Why do people always get it wrong. I accept your deliberate spelling of the word bloody as "bluddy" but I just can;t be asked to accept this new bastardisation of a common english cliche!

Champagne Heathen said...

Did you even read the rest of my post?!?!!?!?!??! Or did you just decide to pick a fight right at the start. Arsed sounds better.

You sound grumpy Dave. Excellent!! I love company. Although it's a catch 22 though. It cheers me up.

Anonymous said...

its friday fever i tell you. never fear champoo, work is almost over. you go to your winex, i say free drinks at nite fever, lets not mess about ;p

Anonymous said...

hey...just putting it out there. As they say, use it, don't use it! Whatever makes your bum hum!

Champagne Heathen said...

Tight Beaver...I mean Nite Fever. Is that place still open?? Ohgod, I am having flashbacks of purple walls and mirrors.

Kabs, that just makes me feel ticklish!

[If there is anything misspelt during the making of this comment, my spellchecker aka. Dave will be along shortly to correct the situation ;) ]

Revolving Credit said...

Kab - So what tune is your bum humming?

Anonymous said...

its still there - not too comfortable there anymore but what the hell - going for the booze.

lol - microsoft office dave edition - now with enhanced spellchecking. And twice as annoying office assistant paperclip thingie.

Peas on Toast said...

Shame dude - well you still managed to write an entertaining post nevertheless!


Champagne Heathen said...

When the Saints go marching in?? That's a nice little catchy tune.

Chews - it was once comfortable?!?!?!?

And at least the new "Dave" edition promises to be sexier than other microsoft editions, with increased performance, never crashes just when you are in the middle of something, and hopefully comes without bugs!

Rev - again - See Peas also doesn't think I spoke a lot of shit!!!! She thinks it is quite entertaining!

Ah thanks Peas. Why don't you do a WINEX rerun tonight. It promises as much if not more chaos this night round! And mood has definitely improved, especially by standing in as your double on your blog for awhile!

Dave said...

Well I do have Firefox 2.0 installed which now comes with a built in spellchecker.

Of course I read your whole post, I'm not grumpy, I just HATE it when people say Arsed instead of Asked.

Other than that I am feeling like a million bucks, its Friday which means party time and tomorrow I have a wine show of my own to go to!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

1.Bothered. See also arse and arsey
2.Cannot or will not make the effort. Does not give a shit.
3.The verb "arsed"
Synonym: bothered

"I couldn't be arsed."

"He wasn't arsed."

Revolving Credit said...

I think Dave's a bit miffed cuz no-one arsed him to go to Whinex with them.

Dave said...

Haha Rev!

Champs, thanks for the compliment, its nice to know you think I'd be better than Microsoft.

CTC - where did that come from? Sounds like a load of bollocks to me.

Bum = Arse
Bummed = Arsed = Disappointed

Champagne Heathen said...

Dave - I don't know how much you can trust something that doesn't even know how to spell its own name!

Chews - arsey?????? When on earth do you use that word in polite conversation??

Rev - who are you implying is whining around here? It better not be me! I am not whining. I am merely grumbling alot. Well, I was. I am over it now.

Dave - considering my thoughts on Microsoft I don't really know if it is too much of a compliment. But I'll allow you to claim it anyway. Cause I am sweet like that.

Have a gorgeous weekend too! Less than an hour & counting...