Friday, December 29, 2006


How I would love to write all posts like this. Bad weather keeping me indoors and a strong Gin keeping me company. Aaaah, that would make one pretty sweet work day.

And my mother whipping up something with melon and cold meats.


Rumour has it that today is Friday. Doesn't really mean much to me. I do know I have a flight tomorrow, back to good old Jozi. And sitting in the pumping thriving PE airport for an hour and half before my flight. I think the bottle of gin will be keeping me company all the way to the departure lounge.

That would be one sweet wait.

I am incredibly burnt. The whole town is. First decent day yesterday and everyone underestimated the sweetness of the sun. I am hobbling just a touch. And underwear definitely is optional.

And hungover. Great night (and day) of good gin, good wine, good freshly-caught fish grilled on the braai. Then 9 of us, ranging from the ages of 15 to 40+ crashed a small party of 10 people at some random house. I think I met the hostess. I can't be sure. I danced on their couch. We drank our coolbox dry. We told them me & the other girl are in a serious long-term lesbian relationship. Her brother tried to steal their braai. And then we left. Sweet.

Gotta go. This GnT lost that sweet taste of gin.... And that bottle of Astonvale white is looking quite appealing...

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