Thursday, March 15, 2007


I do not even know what to say about Zimbabwe. I think I join the throngs in ignoring what is happening on the other side of the Limpopo River. If ever there was a situation I felt powerless to and completely confused about, it is the deterioration of that nation.

In my recent spate of blog surfing I have started reading THIS IS ZIMBABWE. And as a result I feel even more shite. Further saddened and more despondent.

Someamongus said it well in his posting yesterday;

That we pride ourselves on epitomising democracy. Yet we watch our neighbours, people who hold the roots of family trees for many of our citizens, be beaten further & further away from any form of justice, human rights, and majority decision.

How dare we pride ourselves on achieving such plural political systems then.

They stand up, and feel the brunt of what so many determined rainbow-dreaming South African citizens felt during the decades of Apartheid. That of the baton, belt, butt of a policeman’s gun against their stubborn protesting heads.

I admire Morgan Tsvangirai incredibly. To KEEP going at it. He is not even running into that brick wall, he is being dropped off it by Zimbabwe’s police force every time he chooses to again say “This is not right”. He was beaten to the point of unconsciousness, three times the other night, as one blog article details.

These people wished for his death, because he speaks out against an aged disgusting power-gluttoness man, time and again.

If the concept of “democracy” is to be adopted in this region, then the concept of “leaders being benevolent demi-gods” needs first to be discarded. Yes, we can thank Mugabe for helping anti-Apartheid leaders back when it was necessary, but his help benefited a whole nation. Our passive support of his present form of rule, through not saying anything for fear of disrespecting him, is helping to destroy an entire nation.

Our government is urging the opposition to work with the leading Zim party to find solutions - like they are being stroppy spoilt children; that our government "further reiterate [their] call to all stakeholders in Zimbabwe to continue to seek peaceful and inclusive solutions". WHAT?? Did you miss Sunday's inhumane violence?? The one that Mugabe refuses to apologise for. Did you miss the past decade?? While the head of the AU claimed that the African Union has only existed for two years, give them time to explore all diplomatic routes.

Mugabe is a tyrant. He disgusts me. The end of him, and his cronies, and possible inhumane elite successors is something, if I were a religious person, I would pray for.

People are starving. Are being beaten to the point of death. Are risking their lives to get across borders, so to start new lives, and melt into the background of other countries. They cannot get tampons. They cannot get petrol. They cannot get Antiretrovirals. They cannot even live in shacks because their poverty meant they supported the opposition. They live within systems of injustice, fear, & voicelessness.

While humanity prides ourselves on developing the globe, this country is managing to noticeably push itself through the cracks, towards the edges of the margin.

I have nothing new to add to this topic. I think what I am trying to do here is just finally get out the deep sorrow I feel for having witnessed for nearly a decade now the destruction-by-leadership of Zimbabwe.


ChewTheCud said...

Even though nobody likes him, you still have to hand it to Mugabe. The guy is amazing. Staying in power through constant use of scapegoats, intimidation, scare-tactics. It's like he studied every other dictatorship and assessed their weaknesses and set out to improve on them. Clamping down on the free press? Brilliant! The only way people care about stuff in this world is if it's brought to them via the media.

Anonymous said...

You know that movie Sahara? They said to destroy the snake, cut off the head? Well, i'm thinking, Mugabe may be 83, but he is probably going to be around for a while still. how about we send someone in to, how shall we say...take care of business?

ChewTheCud said...

insane - I came very close to starting a website It was going to be intended to take donations in order to put a contract out on Mugabe. Then that whole mercenary sellout arrest thing happened and I had a rethink. Namely that our government was very much pro Mugabe still.

Mommy said...

I think that one of the things that disgusts me in the Zimbabwe situation is our government's "Quiet Diplomacy". How can we turn a blind eye to such atrocity which perhaps even goes beyond the unspeakable things that took place under our apartheid government. Duplicitous? Oh for sure.

Champagne Heathen said...

Chew - that's why blogs are great. We can track down the info now! Unless they are living in Egypt, where bloggers get arrested.

Insanity - The movie "Sahara"?? Nope. What is it?
The very worrying thing is that he has established a nice posse of spoilt elite who will try to continue the status quo that they are benefitting from. Kill him, and 1000 Mugabe-wannabe's will try to step up. But it still would help to turf him asap.

Chew - I think I am going to start being careful about associating with you! I am now worried about what Intelligence Agency might be watching you.

Jam - It is one of the main things really saddening me. That my country does bugger all to even try and take one step forward to justice.

ChewTheCud said...

TheCud! ChewTheCud! Milk, shaken not stirred.

Anonymous said...

personally i think he has suffelus of the brain!

champs, i'm definitely with you on this's disgusting and extremely sad. i think the question we need to ask is what can we do while our government thinks he's just peachy? and keep kissing his ass?

Phlippy said...

Was listening to the radio this morning, it is truly saddening what is busy happening. I am so surprised that there has not yet been a civil war?

What I find truly appaling, which was interestingly depicted in the cartoon, is SA's lack of involvement. It makes youn wonder what kind of kick-back, if any, our government receives from that total monkey across the border.

Revolving Credit said...

Sounds like Chewy wnats to jiggle you breasts - that debaucherous weekend may still be on the cards!

Champagne Heathen said...

Chews - ja ja, I'll use that purple water pistol on you!!

Storm - exactly. What can we do? I can't think of anything.

I think he just epitomises the saying, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Phlips - you should really go & read that Zim blog, esp. with the pics today.

I also watch with sick fascination wondering when "too far" finally becomes "too far" & the people fight back, to the death.

Kick backs of what though? What does that state still hold that's of worth?

Rev - I love the way you read a whole new meaning into things. Let me see if by eliminating every second word of his maybe reads what you interpretted...but yes, we'll get him most drunk this w.end...

Revolving Credit said...

So this is the weekend then?
Have you got furry handcuffs as you may need to tie him down.

Just threaten him with a paintball gun, then he'll come quitely!

Phlippy said...

It's not about Zimbabwe as aa state, remember that Mugabe is one of the richest presidents in Africa and there are ways that he gets there and stays that wya

Anonymous said...

Would Mbeki remain as disengaged if the Smith regime was still in existence and doing what Mugabe is doing?

If not, is he suggesting that it is OK for black leaders to oppress their subjects?

And if this is the case, what does it suggest about the future for South Africa's poor?

What will it take before he speaks out? The death of Tsvangirai?

If that is the case, what kind of statesman does it make him?

Anonymous said...

remarkable co-incidence that bob waited till the advent of democracy in RSA to unlesh his version "economic reform". believe that we will be seeing more of the same post 2010 in RSA.

the concept of constructive critisicm in africa, is a concept that is not understood and therefore democracy is doomed.

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - not a worry, I'll have Jam around to help me!

Phlippy - I just don't see it though.

Inyoka - wonderful to see you on my blog! And very good but a very sad sad point you make there.

EXCEPT, considering how little Mbeki seems to speak up about all issues we are troubled by, I am starting to think that he is mute!

I do not think the death of Tsvangirai would cause him to react, esp. considering that already nearly happened on Sunday night.

It makes him a weak statesman.

Amin! Wow. A crazy dictator on my site here! - Hi Last King of Scotland - let us not see it as "doomed", maybe rather just needs to be integrated, understood and internalised in other ways to how we are learning about it now.

Thanks for freaking me out about post-2010 now!