Thursday, April 26, 2007

Britney & Paris

I started my varsity career studying Information Studies. This course promises to be incredible. If properly conducted. In the most broad-minded of manners.

At that stage, at that university, it wasn’t. Half way through the year I felt that I was studying to be a librarian. And I changed to studying politics – learning how to use power to control others. HEY!

One of the main lessons I did take from this initial course though, was that the world is changing in such a way that what you know is losing ultimate importance. While the skill of knowing how to access the right information quickly, easily, and efficiently, is the one that is allowing those who have it to quickly climb the ladder.

There is so much information out there these days. A good deal of it is valid. But a good deal of it is long-winded, illogically structured, leads one nowhere, or is too superficial. When you approach any topic the pace and demand of today’s lifestyles do not allow one, unless you are employed by academia, to casually sit wafting through nonsensical or obsolete babble.

Often, I do not appreciate the ways in which I have gained this skill. Others do, and I am approached at least once a month by a friend or person completely unacquainted with my field for information or contacts within my field. My ability to pull up relevant information within the Public Health and Humanitarian fields is growing and abounding every day.

A friend will phone me about a disease that I have barely ever heard about. I will be able to immediately answer him. Even though I know bugger all about this disease I am able to give him a few relevant website addresses, how to approach researching the disease, and offer the names & contact details of folks who would know something. That is without even decent thought into his request.

Another mate who has been lost in the Far East for years emailed out of the blue, saying he has tried all his contacts back home on how to take advantage of an excellent opportunity to distribute a donation of 1000 dvd players and tvs to rural schools, along with educational dvds. No one is yet biting. Within an hour I had three people emailing him saying they are more than interested.

Networking and information portals are what it is all about these days. As well as knowing what are the best keywords. While I have the ideas and links in the public health and humanitarian realm, others know about business, cellular technology, human resource ….resources, tax breaks, music media. Whatever. And I don’t think we realise just what our skills are in this area. How we are able to govern the internet within minutes to find our relevant information.

I was made to appreciate this yesterday evening, when I had to research a topic completely foreign to me, for an outside request. Other than GOOGLE, where on earth do I start?!? Perhaps YAHOO Entertainment – it did not prove that useful. The topic also is the sort that would generate 1000 hits of irrelevance within seconds if I just type the words in directly. I had to email mates who keep up-to-date on such global goings-on, begging for assistance and their knowledge on this. I could not believe I was quite so na├»ve on such a subject. But an hour of trawling definitely proved I was.

So where does one find out about detailed objective information about Britney & Paris’ past sexual experiences? From non-porn or blog sites.

P.S. Another friend is engaged. Ohforgodsake. I thought we had all agreed to just stop and calm down for awhile!

P.P.S. This random post is a result of my improved health, and so realising I have beyond a silly amount of work to do before the long weekend. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger. Gotta go!


ChewTheCud said...

Spend some time learning how to really use Google to search. Learn how to exclude certain words etc.

Champagne Heathen said...

Yeah, but... I do know how to use google for certain topics. Once the search results pop up I can scrawl through them in seconds & see what is valid, and follow those links.

While I googled for this, more blogs and what I thought might be random site names popped up. Unless it said CNN or NBC or something, I had no clue how credible that site is.

Exclude too many words & you get too much irrelevant info. Use more words & you either might be do too select a search on a wrong tangent, or not get results at all.

I spent my first varsity year learning how to "search" in the name of getting a degree. I have spent enough time learning this!

Anonymous said...

But dahling! I am so bored today. You can't work. Just can't. Now about those sundowner non drinks...

RB said...


Sundowners are on only if you drink high fruit juice content non-alcoholiv beverages too!

Champagne Heathen said...

You know, I am starting to worry about my friends' abilities to retain NB information (ie. info on ME!).... non-drinking only starts on May 10th. Until then it is all in moderation - and gin with lots of tonic is VERY moderate. ESPECIALLY if it is only a single!

RB said...

NB: I don't give a rat's arse what you drink as long as it has zero alcohol in it!

NB: your delicate system needs a rest.

NB: I can hear your liver screaming for release from the perpetual onslaught it is subjected to. Aaaargh it is in agony and the scream is .....pitiful.

Which makes you a an uncommitted commiter committing to stuff for which a commitment is sacrosanct. But said committment was never hereuntobefore made known to us/me so in effect you are released from the abovementioned committment herinbefore erroneously alluded to as a sacrsanct instrument to indicate your serious intent to go cold frigging turkey between lunch and sundown.

I think.

Champagne Heathen said...

I am perfectly allowed to drink as much alcohol as I would love to, at the moment. My month of sobriety only starts on May 10th. HA!

As for my liver. It is quite peachy & happy, thank you. It must be something else you are hearing screaming. Have you checked under the desk?

And just never forget - I never really have been one for commitment. Challenges yes. Commitment no.

Revolving Credit said...

Have you tried using the Bobble search engine?

Champagne Heathen said...

Aak! Rev!! My rational side was saying "don't do it don't do it. Do not open the link", but my irrationality rules my hands and... Thanks for that link! I think I am going to find out soon enough if my boss does check what websites his employees check out!

Anonymous said...

For future ref, Champs, if it is entertainment related info you are searching for, I'm your chick...(result of working on pop and tv shite for 10 years)
Ahem...note how i am NOT commenting on the drinking ish, ladies...