Thursday, July 05, 2007

Accomplishment List

Hell, but I am mindless today. Might have been the “sweet” gesture of last night’s restaurant’s manager sending over to our table of four girls two rounds of free jagermeisters & one free dessert. I love having HOT friends.

Or it was the bottleS of red wine.

Or that every heater in this city is on HIGH and has so dried out any hint of fresh air in the greater Vaal area.

Either way, I want to post. I feel the need to type out random words. But I don’t have the ability to string them together too coherently. So let me rather do like any generic American sitcom and revisit past posts…

I am going to reuse a post from January, in pretence of it being a necessary revisit for evaluation’s sake. Hell, we do it all the time on one work project. I reckon it can work here.

Mid Term 2007 Resolutions Update

1. Get my drinking & driving under control.
1 month of no alcohol has been a massive step forward. But then again, I did drive myself home last night.
Not yet accomplished.

2. Get more sex than I got in two-thousand-and-sex.
I reckon it has been accomplished. Might be saying more about the lack of in 2006, than the over-abundance in 2007, though. But just to be certain it has been fulfilled. Pun intended. Best I just work a bit harder. There’s that pun again. On this particular resolution.
Accomplishment Pending.

3. THAT yoga move: You sit on the floor, part your legs as wide as possible, lean as far forward as possible. The advanced guys can then put their elbows on the floor & rest their chins in their hands. The OhMyGawd-now-THAT'S-impressive swami (teacher) can lay his whole torso flat on the floor in front of him.
Yoga attendance has been slack as of late. As have all other forms of activities that enable me to stretch, twist, contort and over flex my muscles. I think I have regressed.
Not yet accomplished.

4. (Back again, as sadly I failed on it in 2006) Save Southern Africa from HIV and AIDS.
Looking like this will be back on the list in 2008.
Not yet accomplished.

5. Stop whiling away my work day blogging & emailing mates, and rather actually do more office work, UNISA dumb-stupid-I-hate-part-time-study Honours, and French homework before my teacher releases the French wrath on me.
Teacher has released the wrath on me. UNISA & I need couple’s counselling, but we’re pulling through. Facebook was an unforeseen obstacle in 2007;
Accomplishment Doubtful

6. Discover money control, so I actually have the suitable amount to pay for a plane ticket to San Fran to my mate’s wedding.
Ticket as far as New York has been purchased. Visa interview booked. Application form filled in, being careful to tick the box stating that I am NOT a terrorist, nor do I have substantial plans to engage in terrorist acts during my 14 day visit.
All details and financial abilities following that remain a mystery.
One month to go.
I might have to sell off a puppy.
Accomplishment pending successful return to SA in September of the year 2007.

7. Learn to make sushi.
I’m booked to learn how to make Indian cuisine sometime this month. It too is from the East. AND I was taught how to make Thai Green Curry (note: ‘Taught’. Not ‘Learnt”) sometime this year. That’s ALSO from the East.
Both substitute.

One resolution satisfactorily accomplished within six months. I reckon I am doing ok.

But now I am off to work on that Resolution #2. Hey, it might even wake me up out of this dwaal.

Anyone know any shaggably-hot straight single men? Actually, scrap the hot. One can’t be too fussy when one is on a tight deadline.


Anonymous said...

hey Champs
Can't believe uyou managed to achieve 1(and a half) resolutions, when I have even regressed on some '06 resolutions!
As for shaggable mates, well, peruse my FB friends, see which ones look good to ya, then lets do some "I'll trade ya one of those for two of those" - whatdaya say?


Champagne Heathen said...

What an excellent idea! I will go and draw up a list now. But, you should just know, half of my guy friends are gay. Which might cut down my chances of possibilities. If I am giving you 2-for-one.

Her Infinite Cuteness said...

Champers 1 resolution is brilliant!!! big up to you girl... i havent managed to keep a resolution i made a week ago, nevermind a month ago or at the beginning of the year!!!!

DaveRich said...

Me.. Me.. pick meee! I have Thai Green Curry on tap, sushi over the road and on my Mr d menu hanging on my fridge. Loads of sample wine and champagne(cost price!!)... of course!!! We can take it in turns driving home after a liquid night out too! :-) Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

I keep offering you shaggabble single men...but you don't seem that keen. Oh well. And we still need to do the sushu lesson. I think your accomplishment with 1 is amazing... and you are different in your approach since you did it. Now on to the rest of the list - there are STILL 6 months left this year,.

Champagne Heathen said...

Cuteness - Making resolutions on a weekly basis will NEVER work. Once a year means allows for reflection, planning, time...and alot of things just taking place by mistake.

Threats of loss also work wonders. No UNISA means loss of money. No cooking means loss of edible resources. No Sex means loss of sanity.

Dave - now we just need to find a cure for HIV & all my resolutions are solved!! Maybe if we hand out condoms with the bills at the end of patrons' meals.

Jamaloni - I think we need to confer on the concept of "shaggable" then. I do not recall any such occasions.

We could always get free lessons by just parking ourselves at a sushi bar & watching the chefs in action. You'll just have to flash them every once in awhile to distract them from seeing me sneaking a plate of raw fish into my mouth.

Well, I am going to a FRENCH wedding. I am sure Res #2 will be perfectly accomplished before I touch back on African soil!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't THROW them at you since you hate being matched up - but I often drag you into situations where they are just... there. Sushi. Mmmmm. But sorry for youuuuu....cause I'm not flashing anyone.
French wedding huh? LOL>!

Champagne Heathen said...

Really? I don't recall you putting me in the vicinity of older, rich, shaggable, involved, maybe-straight foreign men as of late. Or were you trying to create miracles by changing my stereotype?

FRENCH WEDDINGS!!! YEAH!!!! PACKED with French men. Simply PACKED! There in the vineyards of Cali. But not before a brief visit to an ex-lover in THE city of NYC!! Gawd, what the hell am I worrying about!

Revolving Credit said...

Um...if you're looking for straight men, isn't San Francisco the wrong place to be going??

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev, the wedding is actually in wine country. I am hoping that they get straight'er the more north you head...

Mr Memetic said...

I like the last one on your list. Except I wanna make people into sushi.

Yum! Tastes like pork!