Monday, July 16, 2007

Globe Travellers

Another mate gone. Probably packing up two and half years of SA life as I type. And then he is lost to the first world.

I think I need to stop befriending foreigners.

He used to call me “Tequila Champs” so even though I have given up that sordid spirit, I had to pull one last bottle out at his farewell. It did help us achieve the goal of seeing in Sunday’s sunrise. As well as another goal various men have been begging me for years now – the braless flash. To an audience of 2 drunken Ozzies, 1 American, 1 S.Affer, and a gay man. 30 seconds. Sometime when it was still too dark out to really feel like a stripper. Aaah, tequila and the class it brings out in me!

I think that liquid of Pan also helped to release a whole lot of thoughts and emotions later that sunny day. Right there in Fournos bakery. Thank god for sunglasses. I cannot yet decide whether this is good, or whether I should be doing damage control. Too exhausted though.

I did meet some gorgeous people that night. Always love such moments. Where everyone is just a bundle of good conversation, crazy dance moves, laughing and hugging and loving, even when you have barely processed their names. Here’s hoping to the start of some new good friendships!

Plus my MIA brother was tracked down somewhere in the UK and he advised me into a calmer place. Do I but love and am I stupidly grateful for my family! He’s told me to stop thinking beyond now. Just for awhile.

As for my travelling mate… this country is losing a good guy, who has done incredible work in Orange Farm. He ran a youth centre for kids in the community. They adored and listened to him. He respected and mentored them. He told them that if he was always pushing them to comprehend the power of education, then they had to understand why he had to return home to further studies.

I wonder how they are coping with this.

My French teacher/ friend/ second mom told me in the typically brash French way this morning that one cannot cry over spilt milk about such things. Or you’ll miss the other opportunities. And her solution… to make me befriend some more Frenchies that have just landed their Gallic selves in this town.

Hey, I guess, when one plane leaves, another one is just touching down at old Oli Tambo airport.


RB said...

Oh Champs what are we to do for you?

We can't do anything about you but we can manage to something for you. Like tell you to look at life as a giant bowl of soggy All-Bran waiting to be eaten. And then some tosser comes along and chucks a couple of cherries on top. With a glint in his eye he goads you into eating one cherry at a time.

In this way you are delayed in getting down to the lower layer of wholesome soggy All Bran! Yeah this is where the excitement in your life really starts because it is here that what is meant to be will be.

The cherries are the temptations.

Not as in Dianah Ross, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations but as in life's little distractions.

So as far as I am concerned this is what I can do for you:

Where would you have me dump this truckload of glazed, vodka-soaked cherries?

Rock on and live it to the full sans regret!

Remember these words.

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks as always Robaloni :)
You have mail.
But in the meantime - I'll be standing on the Oli Tambo tarmac awaiting the fruity shipment!

Revolving Credit said...

R U stalking foreigners at airport terminals, car rental counters and innner city drinking holes, again??

Champagne Heathen said...

I am TRYING! But it ain't working out according to plan though!

Oooo...well...I never have thought of car rental counters. Great idea Rev!! Anyone know where the closest Avis is?!?!

john dodds said...

30 seconds? Is this on youtube yet?