Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Loyalty to government OR state

"The Sunday Times is today the most hated newspaper in government circles because it dared tell the public that [Manto] is a convicted thief whose ineptitude has ruined our public health system. [SABC group CEO Dali] Mpofu tells us that such reporting in the public interest is inhumane and inimical to the values of ubuntu". Thabo Leshilo: COUNTERPOINT

I am beginning to wonder how many more times I can hear my government misuse the words:
before I start considering countries with immigration potential.

I am also starting to wonder what did some of the "Struggle comrades" really learn during their years of exiled education. (Well, we know one of them learnt the love of vodka!)

Is South Africa for the ex-Struggle exiles, by the ex-Struggle exiles, and only of the ex-Struggle exiles?

One would think so, what with witnessing how anyone, who is not an ex-Struggle exile, is torn to pieces by ex-Struggle exiles should s/he speak up on problems or potential changes in SA's governance and state of this state.

I am tired of loyalty to the ex-Struggle exiles.

Where is the loyalty to good governance, press freedom, critical analysis, monitoring & evaluation, accountability, true multi-partied democracy and care for The People (through the meeting of basic rights of education, health care, and safety)?

And lastly, I would appreciate if my President could better explain his constant use of words and terms such as "opponents", "hostile allegations" and "evil attempts".

Not until reading his letters on the ANC website did I realise that SA was so close to the verge of war and destruction. That "evil opponents" and enemies were so many and so present.

Surely, though, he is not attributing such wording to those people who have opposing or diverging views to him, president of all South African people?

But then, I do support such a woman who supported the improvement of South Africa's public health before her boss, and who says, "Speaking truth to power is not insubordination, disloyalty or lack of party discipline. It is an expression of constitutional freedom and protection".


High in Dubai said...

I totally agree with all your sentiment...

Other than the fact that the Manto-Noziwe-Thabo debacle has ignited my will to read newspapers again I can't see any positive spin on this political fiasco.

It also seems instead of rising above the pettiness of it all (and making decisions that will can these issues) our politicians are willing to slog it out to get further into the gutter.

Nosjunkie said...

I am on my way to read your profile.
This is my first time here on your blog but I am impressed thank you for being honest and saying what needs to be said.
I know many people who feel this way but cannot articulate what the thoughts.
this was well done.
good on you.
By the way on this note did any of you see the DA's little outburst in parliment about the issue at hand. I have not yet been driven to newspapers as High in Dubai has been but I have taken to watching parliment

Champagne Heathen said...

High, I am beyond disgruntled with the current political attitudes in this country, and becoming more & more distressed about where they are heading. (Keep a couch open for me over there in Dubai, in case!)

You should read the articles I linked to. Especially the 1st one & last one. Really good. And good to get you riled up.

Nosjunkie - I am not too sure how much the profile says...
Thanks so much for the compliments!!
I saw it, I laughed, and did not know what to think. I hope that the DA follows up on the whole situation & takes the relevant people to task for why that question was blocked.

Parliamentary TV...its very IN this season!

High in Dubai said...

Champers, I'll do you one betta - I've got a whole spare room.

I have read the Thabo Leshile article on another blog: scathing but totally on point, I think!

Will go read the next one now.

Mr Memetic said...

I dislike the current configuration of the ruling party.

I'd prefer it if they changed it to the CNA.

I am, of course, being arbitrary.