Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Art of Procrastination

Well, there’s bugger all on tv by this hour, so I thought I’d fight a 3G F%&^%&^%%&^ing CONECT TO ANYTHING WILL YOU Card for some light entertainment.

Second exam down. Today I wrote about the creation of Israel. I know the markers are going to look up my religious heritage when reading my suggestion on THAT one. HA! Nothing like getting the prof to think a little of out the box.

It also was particularly fun when the lights went out. Nothing like hoping you’re writing on the next line. Or even just on the page. ….Sadly, no, it didn’t happen like that. The exam was hardly that thrilling. They had back-up lighting or something. I think they call it sunlight.

So, what I’ve learnt while studying:

- Dr Phil was being scammed. Well, he wasn’t, but some of his viewers were, by paying over $400 to fraudsters to get a supposed consultation from Dr Phil. The good doc was quickly onto the case, and found this UN.BEL.IEEEV.ABL!!!!.;
- Dr Phil says “UN.BEL.IEEEV.ABL.!!!!” a lot;
- I now say, “UN.BEL.IEEEV.ABL.!!!!” with an American twang a lot;
- My dater thinks I am ridiculously sexy;
- My dater is unbelievably sexy himself;
- Who knew building a puzzle of drunk horny cartoon characters in less than a day could be so incredibly FUN;
- A love-bitter mercenary can be a real bastard to the woman he loved (Isidingo, people!)
- Oprah is such a generous woman, who is a complete child at heart, AAaaaaaahhhhhh, YEEEEAAAHHHHH, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE;
- DAYS OF OUR LIVES does not appear to have progressed much in the last decade, is that Marilyn woman or whatever still possessed by the devil?;
- I’d go insane as a house mom who only had daytime tv to watch;
- There is a lot of interviewing going on in the blog world;
- 3G F%&^%&*%&%&ing sucks in this town;
- My new discovery is dipping a kit-kat into tea so it melts JUST ENOUGH;
- The idea of “JUST ENOUGH” is fascinating to experiment with;
- Donald Trump must’ve been French in his past life, but not a sexy frenchie, the way he puckers his lips;
- I have many many interesting novels of my shelf that I need to start reading immediately;
- It is better to take a nap when the lights are out.

On that note, it is looking a little dark, and I need to look just UN.BEL.IEEEV.ABL.y sexy for a few hours time. So I am off to nap.

Enjoy your offices!


Patchwork said...

It doesn't get any better than this! I loooove my job.

fuzzy logic said...

Marlena. God how I miss Days. Coronation Street just pales in comparison.

SheBee said...


I had a comment.

But then I forgot it.

Excuse me while I slink outta here, will you?

Champagne Heathen said...

Bridget - Do you choose these tv shows? Or get to watch them all day? Or do you run a Dr Phil scam??

Fuzzles - you're not missing much. Just replay the last memory you have of it and VOILA! you just watched today's lunchtime episode!

Sheena - Cape Town. It's gotten to you. You are now a Capetownian. Fkcing tree-shagging, suave, sunglasses in beachfront clubbed, drive like they drawl, coooool duuuuude Capetownians.

Patchwork said...

*nervous giggle*

I see on the promo.